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I told you on the phone we could forgo the party, but you told me you’d meet me there at 7pm. I arrived at 6:50, found a table in the middle so you could find me & waited. I ordered a club soda from a passing waiter & sat. At 8:15 my irritation had me order my first drink from the same waiter. Men passed and some asked me to dance & I politely declined. At 8:40 I walked up to the bartender & asked him for a double shot on the rocks. I enjoyed the cold bitterness on my tongue then slow burn as the amber liquid glided down my throat. An unassuming man at the other end of the bar had been eying me all night. I’d seen him smiled & politely ignored him. I finished my drink, paid & tipped the bartender & went to the ladies room. I freshen my make up & made sure not a hair was out of place. I grabbed my clutch & returned to the party fuming. As I passed the man at the bar he stood & touched my arm. As I turned eyes blazing he apologized & made small talk. What the heck, the liquor had given me a hint of “fuck it” I’d later regret. He pulled out the stool at the bar & I sat & ordered another shot. My irritation mixed with intoxication allowed me what I thought was mild flirtation. A laugh a light touch on the arm after he said something witty. I felt the alcohol but drank my shot as he ordered me another. When he put his hand on my thigh I shifted but he let it linger giving it a little squeeze. I felt uncomfortable so I stood to leave. I never saw you watching me from across the room.

I asked for my tab & he told me he had it. As he was pulling out his wallet I heard, “Thanks I got it.” I turned & looked directly into your eyes, cold as ice. I picked up my drink &you removed it from my hand as you leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I introduced you, & you two shook hands. You placed your hand on my back & ran it up my spine. “Ah you must be the mystery man she told me about, I thought she just wasn’t interested he joked,” the guy said. You thanked him & I felt you tug tightly on my collar momentarily cutting off my air. “Nice meeting u I whispered.” and we turned to leave. I didn’t say a word as you lead me towards the door.

You never said a word the entire way home. The alcohol was making me dizzy & I just laid back and looked out the window. I felt your gaze but didn’t dare turn to look at you. I started to feel a little ill. We arrived home, You parked & grabbed me by the throat & told me “Everything off understood?” I gasped for air & nodded. But you didn’t let go, I started to feel lightheaded, & grabbed your wrist. Blackness was seeping over me until I felt your lips faintly on mine, as you released my neck and blew a slow breath into my mouth & said “Breathe Bitch!” My eyes fluttered & I gasped as the first recesses of air re-entered my lungs. I coughed as I felt the cool air as you got out of the car. .

I regained my composure & willed the tears not to come. WTF you were late no call no show. How dare you be mad at me, it was casual conversation? As I walked in the house I went straight to our room and began to undress. I reached into my drawer & pulled out a black gown & I went to put it on I caught your gaze. The flash in your eyes was undeniable. You closed the distance between us & grabbed my hair a yanked so hard I helped dropped the gown & grabbed your hands to ease the assault on my scalp. I didn’t see it coming, but I Heard your hand cut the air just before it made contact with the side of my face! “IF YOU EVER!” Your voice was laced with venom, the anger shone bright behind cole black pupils. I covered my head and cowered. Hot tears stung as they slid. ” How many drinks did you have, & shots no less?” I didn’t say a word because I didn’t know exactly what you had seen but my irritation rose to the surface. “WTF you left me there?!” I yelled. The second blow sent me to the floor. I held my face as I looked up at you. “Who the Fuck do u think u r yelling at & don’t you dare get up!” you ordered. “So thats an excuse yo get drunk & you let him rub your thigh?” you growled. “That’s crazy?” you said shaking your head. I was sobbing now still on the floor at your feet. You glared down at me with such disgust it hit me how far I let it go. How no matter what my irritation I was your property & had allowed another man touch what was rightfully yours & although fleeting the entire ordeal could of been avoided. You turned to walk away & I blurted out, “NO WAIT!” panic consumed me. You turned & grabbed my hair. “Master I beg of you. I was out of line & beg for your mercy. Please punish me Sir, I was beyond disrespectful & should be disciplined immediately. I beg you Sir,” I pleaded. You eased your grip as your cock sprang to life, I reached out to touch you & you slapped my hand hard. I recoiled. “Please Sir, say something… Yell, curse me, beat me anything but silence?” I begged. You released me & I immediate knelt with my arms behind my back, head bowed and waited. You went and sat on the bed. I stayed that way until my thighs started to burn, my shoulders began to shake and sweat ran down my back. Finally, you said, “Crawl to me.” I collapsed & moved my stiff body onto all fours & crawled to you. “Bow & hold on to my ankles,” you said I looked on your eyes & saw emptiness. My heart broke. What had I done. I did as instructed completed confused as to why I had to hold on to you? As I wrapped my manicured hands around your ankles I felt the slice of cat-o-nine tails cut through my back. I fell face forward to the carpet. U waited as tonight I recovered quickly! “thank you Sir, I said as the second blow reigned down across my shoulders. My whole body shook again “Thank you Sir,@ I choked out. “You like this new game? It called Punish the Slut?” you asked rhetorically. I braced myself for the next blow digging my nails into your ankles. “7 lashes since we were to meet at 7, understood?” you asked. “Yes Sir thank you” I replied. As the whip left marks all over my back & ass I accepted my fate shedding quiet tears, shaking, thanking you for each stroke. After number seven I collapsed. My body spent my mind blurry from pain. “Look at me!” I got to my knees, & looked into your eyes confused by what I saw. You stood and pulled out your cock & I opened my mouth. You grabbed my head & began fucking my face gagging me until tears & slob ran from my chin. I felt your balls grow tight & felt the pulse of your orgasm as you pulled out of my mouth & came all over my face. “You don’t deserve to drink my cum,” you said “U are correct Sir,” I replied. You reached between my legs & I was soaking wet. You told me to stand up & bend over. I felt the cold gel on my asshole & the pressure of the plug as you pushed it inside me filling me, I winced in pain. “Now go clean up” you said. I tried to walk but my legs gave out & you rushed to my side. “r u ok?” you asked. I shook my head No. I had let you down & your disappointment was far worse than any physical discipline. You walked me to the bathroom & took out the plug. I cleaned it & myself up. I walked back in & you had cuffs in your hand. “I can’t trust you, so tonight you’ll sleep cuffed to the bed,” you said. “Yes Sir,” I said and laid down putting my arms above my head you cuffed me laid beside me threw your arm across me possessively & drifted off to sleep.

by j76969