So you just moved in town, in fact.. you just happen to be my neighbor! Luckily for me I never pay attention to my neighbors, since they never say hello to me or send me birthday cards.. or like move my dad’s newspaper onto our front stoop for him.

So. You move in across the street and a house down. Cute little me just got a pair of roller blades! So, on a hot sunny day I go and roller blade and I pass your house as you are attempting to blend in.. act normal… You’re watering your grass and notice me roll by. Double take and you become fixated. A sudden want to be on top of that, having it beg for mercy and wiggling under you just got you cock so happy.

Two week go by, you have watched her, know that she isn’t always home for several days, but she does have a car. You know about her family.. even about her cats since her parents scream and complain about them when they come back from shopping. So you start thinking. Where would this adorable blond go? What stores would she be in? Next day you are again, blending in.. It’s Saturday and everyone in town walks because their religion does not allow them to use electricity. So you go for a stroll. As you are leaving your house you see her get into her car, you ponder a mere thought and hurry to yours. As she makes her way down the road you slowly follow. Though she drives a little fast, swerving in and out of traffic you manage to keep up as she heads past the airport and onto the parkway.

Sighing, you continue to stalk her. Staying at least a car behind. Sometimes, if you just wanna get excited, you drive next to her and stare at her. Her blond hair in a ponytail, sunglasses hide that pretty face. Head swinging to whatever music she is listening to. Then the light bulb goes off! You slow down and get behind her. You figure out she is a little break happy.

When she pushes on her brakes for the 78th time in the past mile you rear end her, making sure not to cause too much damage but enough to exchange info and meet the her. Getting out of the car you put on your charm and act as guilty as you are.

Having license and registration out, seems risky to give away your name, but how many people ever remember or think twice of a person’s name who got into a car accident with them? She seems worried and scared and upset. You assure it that everything will be fine, it’s not a bad as it looks and there is actually little to no damage. She is almost in tears, something about the car and her BF and her dad killing her all in jumble. Grabbing orange juice from you car you offer it to her, she declines it paces around her car and then to yours looking distressed. Which slowly starts awakening the beast in your pants. A pretty creature like herself in such distress that you caused? Mmm

You calm her down and listen to her sob story. You tell her that her BF/Father/mother will never find out that she got into a car accident. He tells her what petty white lie to give to the BF and to not call the parents. Smiling, you assure her that if she simply follow you to your friend’s auto shop, that the car can be fixed by tomorrow morning, all expenses paid. It’ll be as if it never happened. Their dirty little secret.

The dumb bitch that she is, she agrees to follow you. As you both return to your cars, you get in front of her car and lead the way.
              by Coldbreeze