I decided to shop online for something to wear. We were going to an event and he wanted me to be sexy. He knew that I liked to show off and be the center of attention most of the time anyway. The inner narcissist in me made me want everyone to see me …..men and women alike. And I craved that attention, I liked the way people would stare at me at Vanilla and BDSM events as well. All the Dom’s and their subs secretly stealing glances at me while I walked with my Master around the building. I would walk slightly in front of him on a lease that had faux rhinestones embedded in it that lead up to my play collar. So I furiously tapped on the laptop keys on the Google website trying to find just the right combination of words.

I had a few ideas for the color and style of the outfit. I wanted something that accentuated my breasts and my something that showed off my long shapely legs. My Sir considered them two of my best assets. I went to a few sites but didn’t find anything as racy or as sexy as I liked. I narrowed down my search until I found exactly what I wanted. Even though I couldn’t decide between black and the red I found a particular style of corset with matching panties that I wanted.

The lace and the satin instantly screamed “buy me buy me”! The panties had a crisscross pattern that hung low and I thought about how my plump ass would sit out while I walked. I thought about how it would show off the welts he would give me as I was splayed across any furniture he saw fit at the time. His dominance took precedence over everything he told me, and it really was his swagger and how he carried himself. that made him a Dom in my opinion.

He was a “natural Dom” as he called himself. The natural dominance in him brought out the inner submissive in me. All my past relationships had been vanilla and I would pretty much run over the men who I was with in those relationships.
I got my way and I was a brat previously. He made it known immediately in the beginning of my training that he wasn’t having that shit and brattiness would only be tolerated for so long before I was punished severely. So, I behaved because I didn’t want a sore ass. However, the last time I threw a mini tantrum in the mall because he wouldn’t buy me a new bracelet proved to be the wrong choice in the long run. After my outburst he just gave me a look that sent chills down my spine. The drive home was quiet except for the old school R&B playing on the radio. Once he pulled up to our house he said go take yo ass in the house, strip and stand in the living room. Tears stung my eyes as I knew what would happen next. I went up to our bedroom, dropped the numerous bags from the shopping trip and started to undress.

I hurried downstairs, I was lucky that it was the weekend and the kids were out with their friends. I didn’t want anyone to hear me crying. I was never really into pain and most of the time I cried during and after my punishments. As I was coming down the steps he stopped me in my tracks,grabbing me by my throat and brought me into the den. I started to whimper.

“Don’t whimper now bitch”, he barked! You wasn’t whimpering when you was being a smart mouth in the store today now were you? I couldn’t say anything because I had been sassy with him and several times that day and had showed out so to speak but it was just to get his attention. I should beat yo fucking ass for the way you were acting today in the mall, especially that bullshit you pulled in the jewelry store. But I’m not going to do that, I have something better for that ass. He pushed me to the ground and I got on my knees. The look on his face was unpleasant, and i could tell that he was seriously pissed off with me. He had several wooden clothespins in his hands and he took my face in one of his hands and squeezed it roughly.

Then he placed two clothespins on my nipples. Tears began to roll down my cheeks and I let out a little cry. “Shut up, he roared” I immediately stopped crying despite the searing pain in my nipples.
I should have guessed that he would use these against me when I bought them I thought to myself. He took the last three in his hand and placed one on each of my outer pussy lips then on my clit. I tried to keep my composure after he placed it on my clit. It wasn’t swollen so the wooden clothespin dug into my tender sensitive flesh. I wanted to collapse from the pain. He saw the pain written on my face and he sneered at me then laughed. Doesn’t feel good does it he said. I shook my head back and forth, my spiral curls hitting my face lightly. I knew that he was furious with my insolence and the anger flashed in his eyes.

Then he came close to me and pushed my legs open and placed two fingers into my pussy. I was almost knocked lower to the ground by the force of this action. I said nothing because I knew he meant to degrade me. I detested having fingers inside of me me and his actions slightly enraged me. He shoved them back and forth for just a minute just to get me hot and wet. He took them out of me licked his fingers a little then wiped the rest of my juices on my cheek. My scent was on my face and I could smell it, I was oddly turned on but this didn’t make him excited in the way that I wanted. You know why you’re being punished right? He slowly said it, looking me straight in the eyes as he explained my infractions of the day.

I said yes Sir I do, I was being a brat and trying to get my way today when we were out. Yeah you were he said pausing a bit, probably thinking about my outburst. And it took every ounce of strength and composure not to smack the fuck out of you in the store in front of everybody, he said. He walked back into the other room and took a shot of liquor. He downed three shots of Hennessy before he came back into the room. I didn’t dare move from the spot that he placed me in either. It was beginning to get dark, the sun was setting and the orangish rays of the sun were streaming through the window by the front door. When he came back I saw that there was a noticeable bulge in his pants. I wanted to beg him for forgiveness at that point.
Please Daddy, I won’t be bad anymore. I won’t be a brat or mouth off to you again I promise. I knew that he enjoyed when I begged but he hated being called Daddy. When I did let it slip he would tell me that he wasn’t my fucking daddy he was my Master and don’t get that shit twisted.

Sir please, the clothespins are really hurting me. Good he said dismissively and he strolled out of the room, not caring about the intense pain that I was in. I stood in place in pain. Twenty more minutes went by and my whole body was numb from the pain. He went into the living room and sat down. I knew he was about to role a blunt. Moments later I smelled the pungent odor of the marijuana and thought maybe he would calm down after he smoked a bit. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he walked back in with a blunt in his hand looking me up and down. Take those clothespins off you then come and take your place besides me. Relief flooded through me as I went into the first slave position I was taught. I sat down on the floor by his feet, my hands resting on my thighs. Massage me bitch, you made me stressed today.

Yes Master I said. I started at his neck then and worked my way down to the base of his skull,kneading and massaging his scalp. His fresh haircut made it easier for me to massage his head and neck. I knew this was where all of his stress and tension was and iI learned early on that it felt good to him. I massaged his muscular arms and hands as well paying special attention to every finger. The drink and the weed had calmed him but I knew when he was high and buzzed his sadistic side really came out. Stop and get up he ordered. I stopped rubbing him and rose to my feet. I stood in front of him,eyes cast down. Look up at me because I want you to understand something. I looked up at him. If you ever attempt to pull that bratty bullshit on me ever again I’ll fuck you up. You’re my property and you do as you’re told . Yes Master I said quickly.
All of a sudden the air in the room felt charged and a switch went off in him.
He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed and intertwined his fingers into mines with the other hand he pushed my head to one side exposing my neck. He started to bite my neck and kiss me. You know I love you Neiko he said. Yes, I know I gasped. He had my whole body tingling now. He was kissing and biting my neck as he pressed his body against mines. He was 6″2 , dark chocolate and muscular. My Sir was my sexual equal in every aspect. I let my body go slack as he pushed me higher off of my feet. I was up against the wall with one hand and with the the other hand he pushed his jeans down to his ankles. He was hard and I saw the tip of his dick glistening with a bit of precum. He dropped me down on all of his nine inches opening me up wider and wider.

I couldn’t talk or say anything, he was biting my bottom lip and neck . He stopped just for a second to move to a better position on a chair. He wanted to punish my pussy now. He pumped me up and down up and down on his dick grabbing me by the hair and the throat while he fucked me. The whole time he was saying that this was what happened to bratty bitches who disobey their Masters. He stopped just as I was about to have a orgasm. He pulled it out of my wet quivering pussy and shoved it in my waiting mouth. He shoved it down my throat I almost threw up as he punished my throat over and over. He withdrew it from my mouth and impaled me again on him.

Slam, slam, slam down I went forcefully. His thrusts were getting harder as he pumped me up and down. I was crying because he was taking me to the brink and wouldn’t allow me to cum. He took it out of my pussy and breathlessly ask you ready for this nut?

Yes, Yes ohh yes I am. His body shuddered and he pulled me off of his dick pushing me to the floor. He jacked his dick off few times before I felt his hot liquid hit my face and hair . Shit, he muttered. He painted my face with his seed then walked away. I laughed then said to myself I guess I won’t be a brat anymore now will I? I smirked and thought maybe I will…

by Jazzo Davise

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