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The other day, these fingers were the tools, to which I operated the keys on this typewriter, to compose you a letter. Today, they were the method and means by which I closed my eyes, and felt, that I was, so, so, so, deep, inside you.
    Yes, you electrify me, and I need, want, and must have, your fine ass, until then, the firm grip, of these five digits, are the man on locked, version, of being with the woman he loves. Today, our computers, create virtual worlds, simulations, but in every man or woman, they have within them, their own personal computer, i.e., brain. And for centuries, these virtual simulation states, we called dreams. The nonsleep state, dreams, are known as daydreams. I am not mad that you invade my daydreams, I am not frustrated, you all up in my mind. I am no different than anyone else, who wants, what he wants, and wants it now! Yet my thoughts of you, as a beautiful and most pleasing lover, is a grand neutralizer, to, reality, interuptus. All I know is that I imagine, what I hope for, and that is to be so big for you, to be so large inside you. Not intolerably large, but fulfilling enough, to take you to the precipice, of intolerable, so much so, that you feel me in an omnipresent way. Your every thought is uncontrollably consumed of me. Your every beat of your heart, speaks to you of me, your every fleshly tissue, sings to you, of me, and your contracting muscles, tells you how much they enjoy the pleasure, of this heightened, nonrelaxed state. I think we call it Nirvana? All I know  is that with gripping fingers, in a 6×9 prison cage, alone, with you, I’ve found Nirvana, in the Shangrila, of my mind.

           Workz by Cn