Reading by the firelight in my chair.
My thoughts went to her.
I put the book down on the table.
“Babygirl, where are you?”

No answer.
I walked down the hallway to the bedroom.
There she was curled up on the end of the bed.
Her head rested on her overlapping arms.

She wore her silver rhinestone kitty ears.
My eyes followed her naked body.
Long black satin gloves and black tail.
She was pretending to take a cat nap.

I smiled as I saw the black collar and chain leash.
I grabbed the chain leash close to the collar.
Tugging on it, as my Kitty woke up and stretched out.
Her eyes met mine and gave a soft meow.

“Hello Kitty, are you hungry?” I asked.
She rubbed her cheekbone against my hand.
“Let’s see what we have in the kitchen for you,” I said.
I took the leash and she crawled gently down from the bed.

Down the hall to the kitchen where I removed the leash.
As I stood looking into the cupboard for a dish.
She crawled back and forth rubbing up against my leg.
I was suddenly very aroused and decided what to feed her.

I turned around and she read my mind as she unzipped my pants.
She pulled out my cock and her lips slid down the shaft.
Warm and wet lips moving back and forth.
I quickly hardened when she began to purr.

She slowly pleased me and I felt the throbbing beginning.
I dropped the plastic dish down in front of her.
She glanced down but didn’t stop.
My hand in her hair holding the ears on.

I kept saying “Kitty…Kitty,” as she brought me to the edge.
Just as I was about to explode, I pulled her head back.
I slid out of her mouth and aimed my heavy stream down at the dish.
I came hard as I looked into her dancing eyes.

Stroking my cock I put as much into the dish as I could.
My Kitty was hungry.
When I was finished, I told her “Lick the bowl clean like a good Kitty.”
I went and sat down and watched my Kitty try to lick her bowl.

She pushed the plastic bowl all over the kitchen floor.
I watched her body and cat like movements.
When she finished, she came and rubbed against my leg.
“Good Kitty,” I said as I led her on the leash to the bedroom.

               by TheCrimsonPen

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