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She said she surrendered to me.
She hasn’t.
She wants to.
She can’t.
Until she can set her mind free.
I’ve seen it in her eyes, heard it in her voice.
The demons haunting her, taunting her, trying to keep her down, pulling her back into the abyss.

Demanding surrender will not work. Fighting for her surrender is futile.
The demons have a steely grip on her mind, and her soul.
I’ve tried to protect her, to shelter her, to battle the demons with her…. for her, for us.
But I have my own demons.
Demons born from death and destruction.
They fight alongside her demons, conspiring to undo what progress we have made.

New wounds and scars have appeared over countless others.
It seems the demons are invincible.
There is but one thing that weakens them.
My love for her. It is more powerful than anything I’ve ever felt before.
So I give her my love unconditionally, and accept her love without question.
The demons fear this, they fight back
with a vengeance.
But I am stubborn, relentless, and determined.
My love for her drives me, her love comforts me.
Our love is stronger than any demon.

Someday I will hold her and look into her eyes.
I will see a soul free from those murderous demons.
I will see a soul and mind free….. finally free.

             by Ursus_Dominus