The silver crescent beckoned me to leave the house that night, it slid in through my window and nudged me to get up. I smiled faintly looking out through my open window, darkness and shadows playing on the sandy shores with thin streams of light dancing on the sea. It was a sight to see, yet I closed my eyes and heard the whisper, inside my primal heart. It was barely recognisable at first, a feeling that was barely comprehensible yet as I kept my eyes shut and focused on it, it quickly became louder and was all that I could hear. How could I have known the delights it had in store for me that very night, not just one or two but three. I slid on a pair of jeans on my naked skin and then a cotton T-shirt, slid my feet into a pair of sandals and made my way out through the door. I descended down the stairs and paused before I left the house to grab myself an ice cold beer. I quietly closed the door behind me and as I stepped outside I took a whiff of the fresh night air, I cracked the can’s seal open and took a generous swig before I set the pace. I let the silver crescent guide me as I took one step and another; soon enough I found myself right by the shore, the sand making its way in through the sandals I felt one with the earth and all its beauty. I wanted to howl at the silver crescent so I did, just like I loved to do when I was still a little kid.
The beach seemed empty for as far as I could see; yet soon I’d know the night had played a trick on me. I felt an urge to feel the warm night sea, to immerse myself in water and be free. I slid my T-shirt up above my head following my desire to get wet. I had a certain fondness for my jeans but had nothing underneath, I looked around making sure there was no one there to see and slipped them off, I kicked my sandals to the side and stepped out one foot at a time. For a moment I stood there is some weird admiration at my bravery, naked there I felt so carefree, as though it was the way that I was meant to be. A part of nature, one with all that surrounded me, the sea wore nothing nor did the sand and so it seemed fitting that neither did I. I made my way to the point where the waves rolled in and let the waves beg me to get in, I listened to the call of the sea and soon I was swimming with underwater totally immersed, the water was warmer than the air and the sensations it gave me where intoxicating. I have no justification for it but as I glided through the water I began to get aroused, it was not long before my body responded with a certain hardness forming down below. The hardness made no signs of abating, in fact it was a certain stiffness that brought with it a slight amount of welcome pain as though there was more hardness than my skin would willingly allow for.
Whilst I was very much enjoying my swim I felt the need to return home; an urge to return to a place where I could in certain privacy find some sweet release. It was ridiculous of course, who would have seen me had I played beneath the waves? Yet, the mind is a scary place it is full of preconceptions that go against our true nature, we have certain inhibitions that are programmed into us from when we are young. I started swimming back towards the shore and as I was about to lift myself out of the water I heard the sound of laughter drifting on the gentle breeze. I tried to make out where it came from and in panic I scanned the sand for my jeans and shirt from inside the water. I could feel the stiffness start to wane as sense and logic started creeping in, I was trapped in between options. What was I to do? Exit the water and search for my jeans naked as I was; swim up and down the shore until I spotted my clothes and made a quick run for them; crawl up the sand like an insane crab or wait until the laughter and voices faded. I scanned the sand to the right were the sound seemed to be coming from and then I saw three bodies rising from the water not too far from where I was. I had not seen them on the beach because they weren’t there, they were in the water as I was. I focused my site on the bodies and the light of the silver crescent moon I could make out that they were three women, I could not be certain but it seemed they were naked too. A quick deduction led me to conclude that if I could not be certain if they were dressed or naked at the distance between us, neither could they. I decided to grow some balls and get out of the water in search of my sneaky jeans. I was nearly certain that the currents had drifted me to the right and my jeans must have been to the left, meaning I would be walking away from the women and thus safer in my naked state the closer I got to my jeans.
As I exited the water I heard one of the girls scream, another laugh and then came a cat call whistle. My hardness had not only waned in shock it had practically completely dissolved. Could they see I was naked from the distance we were apart? I scrambled to the left getting further away and once I felt I was a safe distance I begun mentally processing where my clothes might be. It was once I figured out where I had walked on to the beach that my heart began to race; I had miscalculated my position and my clothes had to be to the right, closer to the women then I had hoped. Crouched down I tried to figure out a plan of action and what I did next was one of the most comic moments of my life. Where the beach meets the pavement there was a string of palm trees and bushes separating the beach and the pavement bless the Mayor’s soul. I slinked towards the bushes and in the shadows started to make my way towards my clothes crouched as low as I could with one hand covering my junk. Finally I spotted my clothes and started to feel a gentle wave of relief come over me; I bravely yet cautiously started to manoeuvre myself towards them when to my shock horror I saw the women walking from the opposite direction towards my clothes! I mumbled to myself: “Who the fuck walks on the beach in the middle of the night?” Well the answer was apparently me and these three women. I froze trying to choose between running to my clothes and scurrying back to the bushes. Fuck it, I’m getting my clothes I told myself, to hell with it. My body had already repositioned itself into a sprinters start position and once the decision had been made there was no turning back. I ran to my jeans and as I snatched at them and tried to spin myself back in the other direction deciding to hell with the shirt and sandals; I twisted my ankle and tripped face first into the sand letting out a yelp of agony and defeat.
As they say curiosity killed the cat and even at about 3 am in the morning instead of running off one of the girls decided to rush to my rescue. “Are you hurt?” As I heard her ask and so her approaching towards me, I growled out “I’m fine and put my jeans on my groin covering my junk as best I could. Instead of taking my word for it she decided to keep walking rapidly towards me the other two following slowly behind her. I could have tried to hobble away but something inside me said stay, something made me feel that any attempt at escape was now futile. As she got closer her curly hair bouncing with every stride I recognized her. “Tina!” I wanted to kick myself in the ass for speaking her name but at least it was Tina. Tina and I had a thing, we weren’t friends per se and we had never been in a relationship but we had fucked; we had fucked often so seeing me naked was not going to be a first for her. As she got close enough to see me in my predicament she laughed, she laughed so hard she fell to the sand just a few feet away from me holding her sides and saying, oh Mikki over and over again. I looked up in exasperation as the other two girls got closer both with drinks in their hands and a shifting gaze going from Tina to me. They then looked at each other with a wicked smile and a giggle before they both spoke. “You poor baby.” More painful words I have never heard. One of the girls walked off as Tina gained her composure and tossed a fist of sand towards me and giggled. She turned to the other girl and asked her where Marina had gone off to. “I think she went to get your friend a towel or something.“ She giggled and Tina looked at me with that look you give to a puppy when they do something so silly you want to pick them up and kiss them on the head. “Ah he’ll get dressed, he is a big boy. Turn your head Lisa let him put his jeans on you perv.” Lisa gave a grimace and turned around to let me get dressed. Tina however just kept looking at me like she wanted to gobble me up. I was going to protest but it seemed ridiculous seeing the number of times we had fucked on this very beach.
Once my jeans were on I felt a huge relief, enough in fact to laugh at myself. I was about to start walking off when I realised exactly how badly I had hurt my ankle. As I put weight on it I felt a shooting pain travel up my spine and amplify inside my mind. I started to limp away but Tina was having none of it, she came next to me and slid my arm over her shoulders. “You’re coming with us, you have to rest it a bit and everything feels better with a bit of JD” Her other friend was back with a towel in her hand and as she processed the scene in front of her she decided to some help Tina; I’m not a small guy you see and if you are going to let a girl come to your rescue why not another. We hobbled over to where they had their stuff and Marina put the towel on the sand out for me parallel to their own. Tina helped me onto it and instead of getting out from underneath my arm she sat on the towel keeping my arm snug around her. I hadn’t quite noticed, though I should have they were all a little buzzed on whatever they had been drinking. Lisa had kept her distance having taken some offense to Tina’s comment earlier but Marina did not seem intent on letting Tina have the only claim to me; she plonked herself beside me on my other side and grabbing a new bottle of JD offered me a drink. With nothing much else to do I was not about to refuse I nice stiff shot of bourbon with cola.

I don’t know why but I felt a need to care for this man I had never met; I felt a need to pour his drink, to make him smile to put a towel for him to sit on. I could tell Tina had laid some sort of claim to him but I still wanted him, I still wanted to serve him if that made any sense. There was a pull I felt towards him, maybe it was the drink but there was something I craved, I saw Tina keep his arm so snug around her, she seemed so happy there in his arms; I wanted to be there to. I did not want to take him away, I just wanted to have him, to have his arms around me as well. I know why I sat beside him but I don’t know why I let myself sit beside him. He smiled at me as I poured him his drink and put some ice inside it; his smile made me feel safe there beside him. I watched him chug his drink as I sipped at mine, I did not wait for it to get to the very bottom and I just pulled the bottle and poured more bourbon in and some more cola for him. He laughed. “Are you a bartender or something? Or just trying to get me drunk?” I replied sheepishly. “No … just your ankle, you need something for it and this is all we got.” He chuckled and gave me a gentle poke that verged on a slight shove tipping me over just a little bit. “I’m just kidding with you, don’t worry.” He grinned as I regained my balance and found myself leaning on his side. Tina gave me a bit of a look but she did not seem too bothered. Lisa was sitting across from us like a hawk her face stuck somewhere between a look of disgust and a scowl; she settled on a sigh right after downing what was left in her glass. Silence fell for a while, Tina had nestled herself on Mikki’s lap and I had somehow found myself snuggly resting my head on his shoulder. Tina didn’t drink much at all happily resting in his lap I think she was drifting off somewhere deep inside her mind. Mikki, Lisa and me however kept drinking and every time Lisa filled her drink she seemed to gravitate closer towards us; I guess feeling a little left out of whatever this was.
Tina startled us; she sat upright and spoke out. “Let’s play spin the bottle.” Lisa wasted no time wrapping her face in a scowl and replying. “What are we kids?” “No it will be fun” Tina laughed. Lisa through in a what-eva for good measure scowl still ever present. Tina grabbed an empty bottle and edged herself a little away from Mikki to form a circle, I followed her lead even though I did not want to leave his side. Why? Why didn’t I want to leave his side, what the hell was wrong with me tonight? The first spin pointed from Mikki to Lisa. “Truth or dare?” Mikki slurred a bit. “Truth” Lisa said begrudgingly. Mikki had a naughty grin plastered on his face “Ah,” He studied her face unsure if he should ask but Lisa’s face softened a bit at his grinning face and gave him a bring it on kind of look. “Have you ever kissed another girl?” She studied his face for a moment then proceeded to answer. “I’m bi and yes; both of them tonight for example” she said looking first at me then at Tina with a look of fuck you both. Mikki seemed a little taken aback since she had half growled half spoke when she said it then he chuckled and rolled the bottle within Lisa’s reach. She spun the bottle and this time it was pointing from Mikki to Lisa. “Truth or dare?” She said with a naughty grin. Mikki chose truth and Lisa asked if he had ever fucked anyone on this beach. Mikki nodded. “You know the answer to that question” he said. She seemed satisfied with his answer, I guess feeling like she had further cemented her claim on him. The bottle spun again and again, questions were asked and they well all sexually charged or full of innuendo; everyone chose truth till Tina started to complain that someone had to take a dare. We agreed that the next spin would be dare only. The bottle pointed from me to Lisa, I don’t know why I did what I did next but I was sort of angry at Tina; she had been making it a point to lay claim on Mikki, each question showing off that they had been intimate. “Make out with Mikki.” At first Lisa complained and said, make me make out with Tina instead. “It’s just a dare Lisa!” I insisted and she finally gave in, she walked over to Mikki and sat somewhat in his lap and what happened next even I could not have expected. All the tension there seemed to be between them faded away or at least changed from normal tension to a sexual tension. It started slow at first, a little kiss, a little tongue, her fingers running through the hair on the back of his head. Then it sort of exploded her fingers were clutching the hair at the back of his head he had one hand on her ass and the other on the middle of her back pushing her up against him. She bit his lip and he bit hers, she was grinding herself in his lap. They seemed to forget us; Tina and I staring at first in shock and then both our faces showing hints of bitterness. Tina acted first. “That’s enough cowboy!” She slid her hand down a gap between their crotches and grabbed at Mikki’s bulge. Instead of stopping Mikki put his hand around Tina’s neck and begun kissing her instead. I felt so left out, what the hell was happening? Mikki kept Lisa on him with his other hand still on the middle of her back and she started suckling on his neck as he kissed Tina.
What the hell had I started? Lisa pushed Mikki down onto his back or he lost his balance I’m not sure but now she was kissing him again and Tina was trying to worm herself in somehow; she put one hand on Lisa’s ass and aligned herself with them her sliding one of her legs on top of theirs. Lisa turned to kiss Tina and my mind was blown; I felt left out, I wanted in. Well I did not want in, everything inside me told I shouldn’t want in but my wet cunt said otherwise. There was something so animalistic about Lisa and Mikki, Tina was trying her best to involve herself but there was some sort of chemistry between Lisa and Mikki that aroused me in ways I can’t begin to explain; it was like a dance. Push and pull, nip and bite, scratch and grip, the look in their eyes whenever they opened, there was raw energy and power in the two of them that was amplified somehow by their dance. Mikki tugged at her bikini pulling it to the side; instead of protesting as I thought she might; nearly hoped she would she slid her hand to the back and pulled the strings holding it together apart; her breast flowing out she brought them to Mikki’s mouth. Tina finally found her spot; Mikki busy with Lisa’s tits in his face she moved behind them sliding her finger into his jeans; she fiddled with the buttons and released him, she wasted no time and took him in her mouth. As she did Mikki sort of lifted Lisa up from her tits and she moved forward her crotch now in his face. She went on all fours as he worked on her cunt through her bikini bottoms only stopping to slide them to the side. She stayed on all fours like a bitch in heat thrusting her cunt into his face barely giving him space to breath but he didn’t seem to mind.
I don’t know how but my hands found their way to my soaked pussy, under my bikini bottom fiddling with my clit, slowly at first, I slid two fingers of one hand in and kept the other hand for playing with my clit; in and out, I was looking at some sort of porno and playing with myself; it was the only thing I felt I could do. I had taken my bikini off at some point, I don’t even know how that happened. I had been so aroused by the way they were playing and what was happening that my back was starting to arch and I was playing with myself faster; my fingers sliding deeper, three fingers now, I needed to feel fuller I guess. It was as I was about to reach climax that I felt his hand wrap tightly around my ankle. He had involved me, he had noticed me. That was all I needed, an invitation; my own primal took over. I think I practically shove Tina away from his cock. I positioned myself above him grabbing his drenched cock with one hand, I lowered myself and guided him inside me. Tina had moved to the front and Lisa had turned to face me still straddling Mikki but now on his chest instead. Tina was kissing at first but then he sort of tugged at her bikini bottom; she took it off and rode his face wrapping her arms around Lisa grabbing at her breasts. Lisa kissed me, soft at first but with each gyration I made on Mikki’s cock she kissed me deeper, harder and rougher. She took one breast in her mouth and nipped at my nipple than the other. I was so close to climax I barely felt the pain, it all seemed to merge into one whole body sensation. I shook as I came falling into Lisa’s arms. She did the sweetest thing she held me, she held me like I was a little child, she stroked my hair and rested my head on her shoulder and she cooed. As I somewhat gained my composure she let me slide to the side and as I moved out of the way she moved forward and took Mikki inside her. A reverse cow girl position she was not like me, she knew how to work herself on his cock. She jerked, she bent at the waist she spun, she slammed into his hips, she was like a beast; a savage beast and his cock was her meal. Tina was still on Mikki’s face but she looked at her in awe as did I. Not even in the wildest prn had I seen a woman move like that on top of a man. Mikki moved his hands on to her hips and dug his finger into her sides trying to steady her on top of him; to pace her I suppose … yet it was all for naught she wasn’t having any of it. I could feel Mikki trying to hold his own orgasm back; I had nestled into his side and I could hear his heart pounding away, I could feel his muscles tense; I could see him trying to lift Lisa off him so he could cum but instead of letting him or slowing down she dug her nails into his wrist and rocked harder on top of him; not pounding anymore just rocking, rocking fast and hard; her back started to arch backwards, Mikki’s body felt like he had tremors running through him.
They both climaxed; it was like an explosion, he groaned, he grunted, he howled – she screamed; she didn’t moan she screamed or maybe it was more like a roar or something. I could see her juices on his belly before she fell backwards onto him breathing heavily gasping for air. Mikki hadn’t even put his hands up to break her fall; still shaking. It’s a miraculous thing she didn’t smash the back of her head into his face and break his nose or something, but Tina kind of caught her and slowed her fall down. Lisa slowly got her composure a mean grin on her face. “Clean him up Tina, you little slut.” As she said it, it seemed what was left of her strength faded and she just lay there on top of him. I lifted myself up a little and kissed Lisa softly on her lips. Tina had obeyed; she was gulping up their juices; of Mikki’s cock, out of Lisa’s cunt it was like she was dehydrated she went at both their parts like they were an oasis in the desert. Mikki was somehow still hard and though not as hard as earlier it was still a workable cock; as Tina sucked and sucked the slight limpness went away. Tina somewhat rolled Lisa to the other side of Mikki, She got on top of him and inched her cunt toward the tip of his cock no manual guidance needed; she kissed his chest, his neck, his nipples, his lips, his face. “Oh Mikki, silly Mikki” she said as she rocked lovingly on his cock. Mikki’s arms where open, lying flat as though he was crucified or something; Lisa and I curled up into them one on each side as we let Tina have her claim. Funny in a way that she wound up being the last to find release. I looked up at the stars and I think Lisa fell asleep somewhat on his chest. Tina came to and lay on top of Mikki, his cock still inside her; I don’t think he came again though. I looked up at the silver crescent moon and smiled,
The sun just started to rise with the silver crescent moon still in sight; I woke Tina, Lisa and Mikki up and ordered them to get dressed with a naughty grin on my face.
I will never forget the night;
Of the silver crescent moon.

by Curious-Mikki

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