This is a story written to be a companion piece to my girlfriend Overlord_Corvi’s writing, Stalking in the Woods, only from the prey/my perspective. I personally think you should read her writing first, then mine. 🙂


I walk carelessly through the woods, having been this way many times. I know this area is dangerous, and while I’m normally quite cautious, today feels different and I am much less warry than I normally would be. Often while I’m walking, I close my eyes and tilt my face up towards the setting sun, soaking up the last of the warmth of the day before the chill of the night decends upon the world.

I feel discontent with my place in my small village, too many expectations placed upon me; to get married to a man, to have children, to keep a household running. I do not want this, and so I enjoy my temporary escape into the wild world. I have moments of wanting nothing more than to step off the path, rip my clothes off and run. Naked, wild, and free. I do not, however. I sigh to myself and continue to walk.
Coming to the most dangerous part of my walk, I pause for a moment as the trees become thicker, darkening my path ahead. I could turn back, head for home, but my resolve to keep walking away from what I know is strong today. So I take a deep breath, and step forward. As I step into this darker part and continue, the hair on the back of my neck rises and I feel a chill, not from the air, but from inside me. My instincts tell me to run, but that is silly. I am alone… Aren’t I?

A few more steps, and I see a shape that seems out of place to my right. I glance over and jump back with a startled yelp. A woman! She stands there against a tree, hidden from view until I was almost past her. My heart races as I try, in vain, to regain my composure. Oh, and breathe.

“I apologize, my darling. I did not intend to startle you. I was enjoying the evening air.”
I frown, confused a bit by her words, but enthralled by her voice. It’s deep and seductive, the way only a woman can sound. I want to move closer to her, to touch her and feel her voice resonate around me. I shake my head slightly to try to respond to what she said without sounding like a lost and confused child. Besides, I have been alone all day and its nice to maybe have another person to talk to.

“I am okay. I was not expecting to see anyone out here so late, especially another woman.”

She doesn’t move, but as the cool evening wind blows, I notice her loose and open shirt being moved away from her body and my breath catches in my throat. She wears nothing but loose fitting pants and this open shirt with what seems to be a bit of leather underneath to cover her breasts. My heart races and I can feel the more womanly parts of my body responding to the brief glimpse of her skin. The want to reach out for her is strong. Never have I felt this way about anyone before, especially upon first meeting.
“You know, some of us Amazons still have camps around here, wandering where we may. There is so much of this world to see…” she says, eyes very obviously sizing me up, starting from the top of my head and gliding seductivly down my body. She smiles, and I can’t help but redden with blush and turn from her. My knees are weak and I have to concentrate on my walking as I continue down the path.

“Can I accompany you for a while? This section of wood is no place to be traveling alone as the sun goes to meet Morpheus.” She waits for no word from me as she steps from her hiding place to keep pace right beside me. Her body is close to mine, and I can smell the wildness of her and my pulse races ever faster. I watch her from the corner of my eye as she walks; her gait is one of pure confidence and ease, like she is the top predator of these woods and she knows it. And perhaps she is. I wonder for a moment what prey she is hunting this night.

I turn my head to thank her for her company when I notice something I couldn’t see when she was hidden by the tree just a moment ago. Her skin… it is covered in strange markings of various colours. Shapes and designs stand out on her and I am intrigued. How strange it must be to draw things on her flesh every time it rains or she bathes. I find my tongue and look up into her eyes with a thankful smile “Thank you, I would like that. These woods always made me feel a bit hunted at sundown.” My eyes are torn away from hers and back to the markings on her arms and across her chest, and we walk for several more steps before I get the nerve to ask “What… umm… What are those? If it’s okay to ask, I mean.” I giggle nervously and curse myself in my head for sounding like such a young fool.
Glancing up into this intriguing woman’s eyes, I see a look of intense lust and passion. I stumble in my walking, breath hitching as she smiles at me. I swear that for a second, she had fangs.

“They are markings of my journey through this world. They speak stories of my lessons and loves. They are devotions to my Goddess and protection during battle. They are a great many things. Have you never seen a woman who brands her skin with such colours and designs?” I shake my head no and respond, “Do all women of your tribe do this? I’ve heard talk among the men of the fierceness of Amazons. They are scared of you. They speak at night sometimes, tales of how Amazons have hunted them. Hunted them like prey through the woods near here.”

She smiles at me, and it takes my breath away. It is a fierce, predatory look and it takes all of my will not to take a step backwards, away from that smile and away from this woman. She is something of the likes that I have never seen, terrifying and yet I can’t get away. The most frightening part is, I realize I don’t want to.
“Sweet little thing,” she says, her voice softer though the power behind the words anything but soft. “No worries, little one. There are no men here, just us women.”

I relax a little, though I am still on edge. The wording of what she says both worries and thrills me. I keep quiet as we continue on our walk, my eyes finding it hard to stay away from her and the curious markings on her skin.

“You can touch them if you would like. They are on me permanently and will never leave me, unless my skin leaves my body.”

I stop walking at this new information. Permanent? How on earth…. It doesn’t matter, she has given me permission to do what I have wanted to do since that first moment I saw her. I take two steps closer, and my hand reaches out cautiously; I am so very greatful that it isn’t shaking. Moonlight casts a bright yet eery glow across the land, making it easy for me to see despite the late hour. She has stopped walking, as well, and turned to face me, the opened front of her shirt waving in the slight breeze, inviting me to touch. My fingers slide beneath the fabric of the shirt, gently touching on a skull and crossbones on her upper right shoulder, feeling the outline of it raised slightly off of her skin. My fingers graze gently from there to right above her breasts, touching on the lettering of a phrase I cannot understand, some old language. My fingertips feel as if they are on fire, and that heat is traveling down my arm and filling my body with a sensation I can only describe as need.
“See, little one? They are permanent. Forever a part of me.” she whispers into my ear. I never even noticed her lean down to do so. My breath catches in my throat and I swallow a few times to try and get words out. “They… feel so.. so smooth. They’re…. so…. beautiful…” I can’t seem to take my hand from her chest, the words and feeling I have from such a simple and light touch is unexplainable and intoxicating.

Suddenly, her left arm is around my waist and pulls me in firmly against her. The trancelike state is broken and I gasp, looking up at her in shock. Her head bends down and lips hovering right above the curve of my neck.

“Is this not what you want?” she asks, her voice low and demanding an answer.

“Yes..” I say quietly, breath quickening as my body responds in its own ways to her closeness. Lips touch my neck and I bite my bottom lip, pushing a moan back down my throat, unwilling to let it be heard. The strength in her arms is frightening, but I want more.

“Do I scare you?” she asks.

“Yes..” I whisper.

“Do you want to flee from me? Do I make you want to run from your fear?” she asks, a slight growl in her voice that makes my heart leap into my throat, my arms and legs involuntarily quivering with the want to run from her. She frightens me, yes, but there is more to what I am feeling that I don’t understand… I try to take a step back from her, but her arm becomes steel and I am pulled right back against her, hard. My eyes widen as I whisper “Yes.”, knowing full well all the fear has been put into that one word.

Something in her eyes has changed, and I see a coldness, a darkness clouding them, and suddenly I realize exactly what it is that she has been hunting in these woods.


And she looks very, very hungry.

“Then shouldn’t you be running, little rabbit?” she says, her voice measured and tense. The arm binding me to her releases me and I stand still for a moment, fear having me glued in place. But it doesn’t last long.

I turn and take off like the rabbit she named me, darting through the dark woods. Off the path, the moonlight has no sway. I am lost and cannot see very far ahead of me. There is no hope, but I am convinced I can get away despite having to hold my skirts up out of the way of my legs.

“Oh, little one. There is nowhere to go in these woods, now. You are in my home, little rabbit.” She is already so close behind me!

That voice chills me to the core, but at the same time, I am elated and invigorated. I feel more alive than I have ever felt in my life, like I could run forever.

I speed up, tree branches and leaves slapping against my face and arms, leaving behind cuts and scrapes that bleed and sting as sweat gets into them. I break into a clearing, the woman right behind me as I try to zigzag out of her path. But I’m too late. With an audible leap I feel her on me, corded steel arms wraping around me as we tumble and I struggle with all my might against her. Our rolling comes to a sudden halt when we slam into a tree, knocking us apart with brutal force. I get to my feet quickly to try and make another break for it, but again I’m too slow, my shredded layered skirts making me stumble as again she lands upon me. We roll around through the open meadow, me fighting tooth and nail while the Amazon all but laughs at me. Eventually my strength fails and I end up on my stomach, the woman on my back with her legs wrapped around my waist and legs, hips keeping me pinned while her hands grab my wrists and using her weight as leverage, she keeps those down too. I try to buck her off of me, but my strength is all but spent for the moment. Despite this, I continue to wiggle and squirm, hoping maybe she will loose her position and I can get up again.
I feel her move and I try harder to take advantage of a perhaps weakened position. A growl in my ear and I freeze at the intense, animalistic sound, amazed and more than arroused at the sound of it, heat traveling down my neck. Suddenly, teeth sink into my neck and I arch my back to let out a piercing scream. Pleasure and pain mix together until I don’t know where one stops and the other starts. My thoughts cloud over and I gasp for breath as she lets go of my flesh, kissing and licking at the bleeding wound she has created.

The grip binding my wrists loosen and I feel her move enough for me to roll over, and I do. Looking up at the woman who has trapped me, the open shirt having been lost at some point to leave only the leather fabric. My own shirt is a shreaded.mess, not.leaving much to the imagination. I glance into her eyes and see nothing but animalistic need in those hazel orbs, and at that moment something inside me clicks. She has won, I have been captured… And now she must have her prize.

I sit up, the beast still straddling my lap, and run my hands along her stomach, sides, and chest. With a sudden intensity, I hook my fingers underneath the leather and rip it away, clawing along her ribs carelessly in the action. Strong hands slide across my shoulders and up into my curly hair, which has trapped many twigs, leaves, dirt and grass. Taking a fistfull, she pulls my head forcefully in to hers, lips locking for a long, passionate kiss.

I know now what I want, and this exotic Amazon woman has proven herself more than worthy to have me. This is what I had been missing in all my adult years; someone stronger than me in all ways, someone who will take what they want and not be gentle about it. What happens next is anything but gentle. Fueled by years of need and desire, we made love in that clearing in the woods in the most animalistic of ways. Growling, purring, clawing, biting; everything I’d ever needed and never realized were brought to life with nature as our witness.

The life I was never happy with is gone forever, left behind in that tiny village with the tiny people with tiny minds, not open to anything new or exciting. We run wild now, me and my Amazon woman. Meeting up with our tribe and others, we run through the world as we will with no worries of pleasing anyone except eachother.

I have heard tales told around campfires of the fierceness of Amazons and how they enjoy hunting men down in the dark of the woods. Even that sometimes, we can take on the form of an animal.

May they never find out how right they are.

              by Little_Diabinha