A movement, a twist, a flash of something out of the corner of my vision, your laughter as I feel you brush against me. You have been taunting me all day. So much like a shiny toy being dangled in front of a cat. Eventually the cat will pounce, maybe taking your finger with it. I don’t want to take your finger. I want to take much much more little one. —- This story is for you.
©Overlord_Corvi [13 May 2015]

The companion peice is Stalked in the Woods written by my girlfriend, Moonless. It is from her perspective, the one being stalked, and I really like it!

We walk through the woods, as I watch you move completely unaware I am there. I slide in between trees silently, smoothly, unseen as the breeze brushing against your hair. Your smell, I can taste upon my tongue. It is intoxicating, no substance can match. I want to get closer but not quite yet. You are enjoying your stroll. No doubt feeling the warmth of the sun upon you in this cool air, which followed the rains. The forest is alive and all different shades of green and brown. Everything has been cleansed, the smell of the earth reaches the senses on a level which hearkens back to wilder days. Your smell and the earth intermingle to produce a potion so potent I could lose all my senses, all my control….and unleash. I do not. Not yet. You are not where I want you.
Ahhh this is a good place. The path has narrowed a bit, become darker due to heavier growth here. I catch the scent of apprehension as you pause before you enter, just a small pause. This is the only path left without turning around to make it through before dusk gives way to the blanket of night. You know such sweet things should not be caught in the forest so late without protection.

You though apprehensive, make those cautious first steps. There is where I feel my full beast spring to life within. Now the real hunt begins, I quietly slip through a few feet ahead of you. I pause to find a spot so not to startle you in fear. I do not want to make you run…..yet. Then again a bit of a fright is fun to see in my prey. So tasty I envision you being from the scents the wind is carrying my way. This tree here will keep me from view as you walk up but not as you pass. It is perfect.

I lean up against it hearing your footsteps coming closer. I feel your body move as if it were against mine. I try to contain the darkness which wants to escape through my eyes. The pulse that rises inside my breast stays quiet at my bidding, so not to give me away. The sun is slowly making it’s decent into the Underworld to rest. The animals can be heard scurrying around getting ready to make way for more nocturnal creatures. I am a hybrid. I walk in both worlds as it suits my needs and desires. My desire now is lust, the feel of your flesh being crushed by my teeth, the squirm of your body when you realize what I mean to do, the slight taste of copper as my teeth slightly pierce your skin. All this raging inside me, while externally I present a calm yet intrigued demeanor.
You are a few footfalls away now. I am waiting………

You almost walk past me but something made you turn. A small startled gasp escapes your lips. “I apologize my darling. I did not intend to startle you. I was enjoying the evening air.” You look a bit puzzled but it has been hours since you left the village with no one to talk too. “I am okay. I was not expecting to see anyone out here so late, especially another woman.” I stay leaned against the tree nonchalantly. I let my shirt flow open in the cool evening breeze. I can feel your body quicken as you see the flash of skin through the open shirt. I am even more intrigued now. “You know some of us Amazons still have camps around here wondering where we may. There is too much of this world to see (as a let my eyes fall upon you from your feet following your body to meet your eyes.) ” I cannot help but smile. Even as the sun threatens to disappear taking its last rays into the Underworld, I can see you blush and shyly turn to keep walking on your path. “Can I accompany you for a while? This section of wood is no place to be traveling alone as the sun goes to meet Morpheus.” I take up pace right next to you as you notice my skin is not barren but full of designs. “Thank you, I would like that. These woods always made me feel a bit hunted at sundown.”

You manage a thankful smile. I see curiosity deep in your eyes. “Wh…umm… (a shy giggle)…what are those? I mean if it is okay to ask?” As your eyes fall upon the designs on my chest and arms. They are almost easy to see as they red rays of the setting sun are cast upon us through the trees. My shirt at the whim of the wind, open all the way now to direct your attention. I wear only a small bit of leather around my breasts. When on a hunt you don’t want to wear too much, which may end up … dirty. I smile and give you an inviting look full of promising acts of lust and pleasure. “They are markings of my journey through this world. They speak stories of my lessons and loves. They are devotion to my Goddess and protection during battle. They are a great many things. Have you never seen a woman who brands her skin with such colors and designs?” You shake your head no. “Do all the women of your tribe do that? I have heard talk among the men of the fierceness of Amazons. They are scared of you. They speak at night sometimes, tales of how Amazons have hunted them. Hunted them like prey through the woods near here.”
Now I cannot hold back my smile, it is not quite a nice one. “Sweet little thing.” I pause a bit. I do love to play with my food before I eat it. This young one is so innocent, this hunt will be a pleasure I do not get to experience often. I see you kind of nervous, afraid you may have asked something you shouldn’t or spoken out of turn. “ No worries little one, there are no men here just us women.” You relax a bit but still cautious. inwardly I have a smile of delight “You can touch them if you would like. They are on me permanently and will never leave me, unless my skin leaves my body.”

I see you hesitate as we walk. The moon is lighting our way now. She is up high early this night, lucky for me. You reach out though as I stop so you can touch me. Tentatively your hand touches my shoulder slightly under my open shirt. Your fingertips brush the edge of the leather covering my breasts. You feel the outline of the skull and crossbones on the right side of my upper chest. Your touch is the soft touch only a woman has, I want to roll in it. You are standing so close to me. Your scent is filling me. I feel as if I could breathe in your essence. You trail your hand across the phrase just above my breasts, lingering a bit, curious a bit. We are so close the tension between us; I can feel your heart beating faster and the lust rising in you too.

”See little one, they are permanent, forever a part of me.” I whisper into your ear in a tone which promises pleasurable yet frightening things. “They ….feel…soo…smooth. They are…beautiful.” Each word spoken as if you were trying to remember how to speak. I wrap left arm around your waist and quickly draw you tight against me with a strength that says you are not going anywhere! You gasp a bit in surprise and fright. I lean my head into that sweet spot where your neck curves so deliciously. I let my lips just barely hover above your skin, inhaling every bit of your excitement mingled with fear and lust. “Is this not what you want?” You manage to speak a quiet yes against me. I let my lips fall to your neck kissing gently resisting the urge/Need to sink my teeth into your flesh. Your hands run along my breasts and bare stomach.
“Do I scare you?” You say, “Yes.” – “Do you want to flee from me? Do I make you want to run from your fear?” I say with a very slight low growl to my voice – You start trembling a bit. Which I am positive is from a mix of building fear and the lust you feel. As you back up a bit and I pull you tightly against me, you say….”Yes.” This time with a lot of fear in your voice.

I look down at you. My eyes have gone very dark with a coldness to them. The look of a predator staring down at its prey. The look of a hungry predator. My energy has shifted. The beast is out to play now. You feel it. I feel your fear and excitement respond to it but I do not let you go yet.

“Then shouldn’t you be running little rabbit?” I say in a low quiet measured voice. Then I let go of you and for a split second, you froze before you took off through the woods.

It is dark now and these are my woods. Your scent all over me. I track you down easily. You are not quiet in your fear. “Oh little one, there is nowhere to go in these woods now. You are in my home little rabbit.” We weave in and out of trees as you try to escape me. They whip at us both. I smell the trickles of blood the branches draw from you as you fly through them. I smile inside because in your fear you are running in circles staying right where I want you. It is too dark for you to see the path now.
We break into a small clearing. I am trailing at your heels. This spot is perfect, I leap forward and descend on you. I timed it perfect as we roll down the small hill, me refusing to let go of my hold on you while you fight me. We slam to a stop separating us with its force. You scramble to get up but are not quick enough. I am upon you again. Struggle as you might you cannot get away from me. I am determined to have you now. We tussle through the meadow. Ultimately you end up underneath me facing down, both of us covered in bits of grass, trees, and dirt. I wrap my legs around your lower waist looping my legs and feet around your thighs use my hips to force your bottom half down violently. Then I manage to grab a hold of your wrists and slam them down using my weight and leverage to pin you to where you cannot move. I feel you still trying to struggle underneath me. It is driving my senses wild!

You try to buck me off but you have no position in this fight now. I let out a growl deep and full of promise in your ear, vibrating down your neck. As I sink my teeth into your shoulder I feel your body respond to mine and hear you scream. I bit hard to send you a message. I want you! I have chosen you! Now I will make you mine! I taste a trickle of blood from your neck. I let go to lick it and kiss your neck. Loosening my grip a bit on your wrists, I begin kissing up and down your neck and your check. I let you roll over underneath me so you can face me now.

My shirt is gone somewhere on the hill. Your clothes are torn with your blouse having barely made it. I sit up straddling you my beast glaring down at its chosen mate. I see a flicker of something in your eyes and I like it! You sit up, me still in your lap run your hands along my chest. Then rip of the leather covering my breasts leaving claw marks from your nails. I reach back behind your head through your hair and grab hold tightly and pull you close to me for a passionate kiss.
Our beasts recognize each other instantly. A fiery of hands, teeth, and lips commence as we tear at each other making love under moon light with nature as our witness. Nothing about what we do is gentle. It is an explosion of passion which has been waiting to be unleashed. Shooting stars fly above as if the cosmos were celebrating our reunion.

What started out as a hunt for me, turned out to be fates way of reuniting our inner animals again. You never returned to the village you where traveling from. You never reached your destination on the other end of the forest. Your deliver left to be found in the woods. Left to make them assume you were lost to them now. The life you never really wanted easily shed to join me in the forests of the world. Where our beasts run wild as they should and we meet up with our pack from time to time. We Amazons are a fearsome group. They tell tales of us in hushed tones around the fire at night. There is talk about how a few of us can shape shift into animals. smiles

                 by Overlord_Corvi