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Know one knows my prose, know one knows the pains I feel in my heart. I am the equivalent of a double amputatee, having been orphaned twice, first at birth, then by mom, who adopted me.
Know one knows what it’s like growing up tough and rough. You have these really really tough guys, but their the silent types. Then you have these pseudo macho men, but their the really really loud types. Whose bark always over-performs, their bite. It’s these pseudo tough guy loud mouths that have all the chicks buffooned, as these is the meaning of manhood, this is the meaning of protector. Maybe this is a rant of protecting my manhood, as know one really gets my preference of hearing a woman singing in my ear, rather than, another swinging dick, just like me. Guys don’t listen to girls, they just don’t, maybe it’s a man thing (LMAO). So I tell my tough guy associates, both real and pseudo, I love to listen to a woman singing in my ear. I make them step into me real close, like I’m telling the secrets to the neutron bomb, or game of such magnitude. I tell them, “I have to have a woman singing in my ear. Most times girls are singing about some guy. Some guy who is special to them. Some guy they want. There’s this yearning there.” Then I just nonchalantly, tell them, “I just pretend I’m the guy, they’re singing about.” They always, no matter how tough they are on the meter scale, all agree. To my surprise, I read this from someone, in literature, what I normally fix myself, through song.

..jus thinking.. for you I will

I want love and care and for you I will. I don’t want to be a slut by him I want to help my dom express himself through me at his most emotional states and I am willing to use my body to help him release the pressure as we live out our most tabooish (for lack of words) acts and fantasies

by InnocentQC

by Workz by Cn