She sat on his couch, body still damp from the shower, with nothing but the thin gauze of material covering her curves. In one hand she held a bottle of baby oil while the other hand was slick with oil caressing her thighs.
He sat opposite her, lost for words, eyes wide open taking her all in.
He spied the dark, slick pussy completely shaved between her lush thighs and imagined spreading the fat lips with his tongue and finger tips.
His cock hardened and he shifted in his seat.
She looked up with an innocent smile, peeking at him from beneath her dark curls…
‘Do you want to help me oil the other leg?’ She asked her voice like velvet. A come on he was unlikely to refuse.
Still wanting to appear smooth, he sauntered over, as best as anyone with a rock hard erection could.
After all, he was no inexperienced teenager, spying his first woman…
And boy, what a woman…
She smiled at him and poured a generous amount of oil into the palm of his hand
He quickly massaged her thighs while her legs opened slowly so that more of her pussy was exposed to him, like an exotic, erotic flower with a shocking pink centre, moist and inviting. It was too much
He was soon on his knees,
Lapping at her pussy petals he placed his lips on hers and began to tease her clit, which was soon twitching with pleasure.
She felt the cool, hardness of the wall against her back and her breath ran ragged and the moans fell from her mouth like night rain after a hot summer evening;
Refreshing and well wished for.
His cock felt impossibly hard and way too big for the confined space it was bursting out of. Now, being sensitive lass, she urged him out of his clothes and joined him in bare nakedness.
Soon they were both covered in oil and sweat as they sucked and licked at each other’s mouth and body.
He still wanted to taste and feel her pussy, so he pulled her down on top of him and she rearranged herself above him so that her pussy hovered inches from his face.
Her own lips and fingers were soon wrapped around his cock, licking and caressing, tightening and loosening her grip while she sucked him noisily.
And all the while, she could feel the insistent suck and lick of him on her cunt, which was pulsating and ready for him…

                by Kitty Celeste