He seethes with anger and desire. She wasn’t ready when he arrived, though she knew he was coming in advance. She was acting pouty and bratty. He had no time for it. She was prancing around in her light pink, teddy – fretting if she should take a shower or not. He didn’t give a damn, as long as it ended with her naked.

He watched her through eyes closed to slits, trying to decide if he should bend her over his knee and spank her silly. Nah, he decided – that’s probably what she wants. She was goading him, trying to get a reaction. So, he decided to play it cool. He could wait, and she could pay later.

Finally, she was kneeling before him. In the dark, he could see her staring at his crotch, mesmerized; And his cock grew under her gaze. It was raining steadily, with a few flashes of lightning.

Her hands began to wander up his legs, and with each flick of her fingertips, his cock jumped in response. He was big, and getting bigger. Now, she was intently focused on him, and he was melting under her expert caress. He relaxed, smoked and listened to the thunder. He let her do her job.
Soon, she was leaning forward, tongue flicking around his head. He glanced down to admire her work. Since she kept raising up, teasing him – he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down; Insistent on making her swallow the full length of his manhood. She didn’t resist. She was gobbling, slurping, swallowing and sucking, all at the same time. She loved his dick, and she wanted to let him know she could handle it. So, she showed him.

He stood up, close to cumming, and wanting very much to make her swallow it. But, he slowed down; And they began their dance. It was a dance of control; He’d pull out, and she would yelp in objection. He’d slap her with his cock, asking her if she really wanted it? How much? Show him… Like that.

Time seemed to stand still, the slow, steady rain setting the pace for their rhythm. In order to keep from cumming too soon, he watched the rain outside through the window. He idly wondered if he’d rolled the windows up in his car. What time was it? What did he have to do next week. Anything to prolong the exquisite feeling down below.
She also didn’t seem to want it to end. Her legs were shaking, and she was moaning, one hand cupping his balls lightly, the other playing with her pussy. Her hips were gyrating quickly, and he enjoyed the fact that this turned her on as much as it did him. He caressed her head through her hair, murmuring encouraging words in the process. He knew she liked that. It was called ‘positive reinforcement’; He’d learned that in a psychology class he took a long time ago.

Suddenly, as if sensing the heat in the room, the rain became louder, the thunder more frequent. It was like one of the scary movies – where you know something bad is getting ready to happen, you’re just not sure what. In accordance, he picked up his pace, then; Putting his foot on the bed, and ramming his dick down her throat. She was gagging, but he didn’t care. This was her punishment for making him wait, for being unprepared. Tears were streaming down her face, and she was actively moaning, grunting and sniffling; But, he didn’t stop.

Then, a loud crack of thunder coincided with his orgasm – as he threw his head back and shouted with release, thrusting his hips toward her face. He emptied his huge load down her throat, pumping forever, it seemed. And, she swallowed every drop.

Afterwards, they fell back on the bed, entwined together, exhausted, sweaty and quiet. They let the chaos of the storm say everything they felt at the moment. And, as they lay – they listened to the falling rain together, satisfied.

                 by Lillye/LDY©2015Copyright