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“Like dust to dust, ashes from ashes, a man comes from the womb, and he wants to go back to it. And when a man finds a womb that is warm, wett, and is willing to accept all his expenditure, he loves that womb; like he loves his mother. A mother does anything for her son. Like the son does anything for the mother. But most women are too consumed with petty jealousy to love a man unconditionally. The submissive gives herself unconditionally. Why is BDSM so womb specific? It’s not to hurt the womb but to take the womb to Heights it has never known. It has the highest concentration of nerves in her body. It’s her nerve center to Nirvana. The most heightened space to a woman’s out of body experience of Consciousness is at childbirth; when the womb is the most stretched, the most tormented. A woman’s body is to be loved and cherished. Only when a man can have her complete submission can he torture her, and love her at the same time. Because the secret psychosis to the woman is that “pain is to be expected with sex.” They all pondered at his words, but didn’t quite know what to make of them. Until he slid the open paged, enormously thick, medical book, with a large picture, and in large print, with bold texted words above it, that spelled, HYMEN.

Excerpts from “A Man Like Him”
by Cn
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