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“That is for those who want to please a man, it is not a lifestyle for everyone. It is a marriage. A consensual agreement, between She who seeks to be dominated, from Him who seeks complete sexual submission to his will.
“Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, I have a question?


“Can one allow herself to be dominated in private but not let her man dominate her in public?”

“Never. Because that is a Sub-Dominant, Dominant-Sub relationship. Given the opportunity the Sub’s sadism will come out. Women operate in the world of emotions, men in the world of facts. Emotions could care less about appropriateness. It wants to inappropriately assert itself. Only through training and discipline can you shut that valve off. Since women have no on and off buttons, her emotions, her ego, and her sadism, must never be hooked up to a Power Grid. So no, there is no such thing as being submissive to Him  only in their private places; Her submission to Him  must take place in those public spaces as well.”
“Yes, yes, that’s a good question. And she wants to know…” He saw quite a few young initiates He wanted to have his fill with. Their eagerness to learn, to be explored, was quite manifest in their agitated state. He would own a few of them, or rather, test their ability at this submission game. Rarely does he pat himself on his back. But once again he has out maneuvered his contemporaries. While other scholarly types would be fired for messing with students or interns, he faced no scrutiny, or ability to be fired. This was his school, or seminar, “The School of Sexual Psychology,” and since it was merely a private online seminar, he had access to the sexual psychosis of his students. He could have his students! What a crock! But, that was his appeal, that’s what made Him a great Seducer of men, and women. They either wanted, or wanted to be, “A Man Like Him”

Excerpts from A Man Like Him
by Cn
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