As I turned the water off I heard the chime of my cell phone alerting me that I had a new text message. When I saw your name, a smile instantly appeared on my face.

You: “Be home in 5, Present yourself to me.”
Me: “Yes Sir, where?”
As I typed my reply…Geez! I thought, your timing couldn’t be worse, I was just cleaning up the kitchen. Ding!
You: “Where are the kids?”
Me: “She is in her room, he is asleep”
You: “In the room, then”
I ran to our room, everything was in order spotless, as you like it. That was the last thing I needed, I thought relieved. Ding!
You: “Naked!”
WTF! I just held the phone as my mind began to race, as scantily as I used walked around the house, naked has just never been my thing & you knew it. As I started to undress, I felt the panic creep into my throat. I took a deep breath & neatly folded my clothes & placed them on the setee at the foot of the bed. I dimmed the lights & took position, just as I heard the front door close. I wrapped my arms around myself, stood with my feet shoulder width apart & bowed my head.

You entered the room & I prayed you left the lights down, true to form I saw the room get bright and I let out a soft sigh. You started towards me and stopped abruptly. “SUB!” the tone in your voice, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I knew you were displeased. I immediately placed my hands behind my back & shuddered inwardly. Why? I wondered why do this to me?

You closed the distance between us, kissed my cheek & said, “Good girl”. I heard you chuckle, “Why are you trembling?” you said. I knew it was a rhetorical question, you already knew why; YOU! I felt your arm encircle my waist, “Relax,” you whispered into my ear, as you lifted my chin. You kissed my shoulder, I shuddered. I felt your eyes on me, I knew you taking in every inch of me and the tears welled up in my eyes. You walked around and faced me, you looked into my eyes with your piercing brown eyes, those eyes, the ones that could see right through me to my core. You kissed me deeply & I felt my knees go weak. You held me up, oh how you knew me so well…”Why so so angry Mon Cherie?” you said as you smiled & reached between my legs, my pussy was already slippery with my juices. My mind & body at odds as usual…

My mind was racing, you knew those were tears of anger. I didn’t want to be subjected to this. I hated this being vunerable, exposed, it caused extreme damage to my psyche everything you did something like this but still you pushed me. But I knew it wasn’t about me, it was about you. Period. As you slipped two fingers inside me I moaned. I felt the warmth of orgasm approaching & you had barely touched me. You slid in and out me with such percison and I was a well oiled machine. “Your upset with me baby?” agian I said nothing as again that wasn’t a real question.

I leaned against you as my body surrendered to your touch. You removed your fingers & brought them to my lips, I sucked greedily until they were clean. When I was finished I bowed my head again & waited. “Release,” you commanded letting me know PRESENTATION mode was over. I immediately wrapped my arms around myself. Although I wasn’t in presentation mode you had not given me permission to leave your side.

You moved my arms and I drpped my head, you lifted my chin & pulled me to you. “Stop it, come here,” you said quietly as you wrapped your arms around me. I laid my head on your chest and nuzzled into you, you chuckled. You kissed my forehead. “Where you busy? ” you asked. “Just cleaning the kitchen. Why are you so tense?,” I said. (For as well as you knew me, I too knew you. I also knew that I was your biggest way to release that tension, so I wanted to gauge what I was in for!) “Long day thats all,” you replied. “Can I finish the kitchen in the morning?” I asked. “Yes,” you answered.

I felt the beginings of an erection, and ran my hand across it. I felt you respond immediately. I walked over and dimmed the lights and looked to you for approval, you nodded, chuckling. I came back took your hand & led you to the bed. I began to undress you & folded your clothes, pulled back the covers. Your dick was at full attention. I kissed your neck & rubbed your head, I knew what was coming this wasn’t one of those slow, sensual nights. I turned around & backed into you, you squeezed my nipples hard, I cried out! I bent forward and took a deep breath. I felt you spread my pussy lips, I thought you were about to put your fingers back inside me, but I was wrong.

You entered me with such force my knees buckled. I gasped as you gripped my hips. You fucked me hard. Each stroke felt like you were opening me deeper & deeper. You rode me until every last drop of tension seeped out of your pores. The waves of orgasm, came crashing down, my head started to spin, my breathing became fast & i began to scream “Daddy! Daddy!”. That brought you over the edge, as you gave one final thrust & the moan you made was low & gutteral as you emptied all of your cum inside me, so much it began to spill out of me & run down my thighs. You released my hips & I fell to the bed. You laid down beside me & grabbed my hair & kissed me hard. I purred, this was what you needed. This was what I was made for….YOU.


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