Daddy has me trapped. He’s put me in a contraption of some sort. My legs are spread open with leather straps around the ankles holding them in place. My arms have been bound behind me back. And I’m upright with my collar around my neck and a leash attached. And to further hinder me 2 leather straps are connected to my collar on both sides of me and pulled taught, so I dont have the ability to move side to side- but only forward and back just slightly.

Daddy knows how to scare and excite me all at once. I am naked and can begin to feel the moisture collecting between my lips and a drop of that sweet juice starts to move across the lip toward my thigh. I know this will entice Daddy and please Him. He demands a wet pussy all the time. And I obey.

He is staring at me now. He does this. I think He enjoys taking me in, and the glint of fear in my eyes. He seems to find me being helpless so appealing.

He goes to the the special chest against the wall out of my view. He has placed it there on purpose so I can’t see what His plans are with me. I can here the rummaging, but have no clue what He is grabbing…..

He has found something of interest, the rummaging stopped. Once again, I feel Him staring at me from behind. He is still and silent. This is where I get nervous, and get that ready to bail feeling, but also craving whatever He has in store all at once.

And suddenly, almost as soon as I heard it fly through the air, I feel the riding crop across my back thigh. My mind starts to calm. 2 more whaps, once across the other back thigh and one on my rear. I make little yelping noises, but they end in more of a moan. As the feeling of the sting spreads across me, something more washes over me as well. He is doing 3 whaps at a time. And he will stop and look at His work. He likes to cover every area, before going over it and layering the hits. The intensity has built up, and subspace is washing over me.

There’s a sound in the house somewhere. I can’t actually pinpoint it because I’m a little lost and only feeling my body. At first I think something has fallen, but then I hear more noise. There’s someone in the house. My heart already racing, jumps to triple time and real fear creeps in. Daddy moves quickly to grab the bat against the wall. It’s not for use on me, Daddy just likes to be prepared. He runs out of the room, leaving me fully harnessed and trapped still. Now, I’m grounding somewhat leaving subspace and suddenly very uncomfortable and just want out.
At first I don’t hear anything. Then I hear what sounds like a slam and a grunt. I call out to Daddy. “Daddy are you okay?”
He doesn’t answer. Now I call out again, nothing but concern in my voice. “Daddy?”…
Once again, no answer. My heart is pounding so hard I hear it in my head. My breath is caught in my throat. I can feel myself begin to tear up. I wrestle around and try to free myself- which Daddy has basically made impossible.
Then, I hear something. I go completely still. My sense says this is bad. Very bad. I’m still holding my breath for fear whoever is out there will hear me.
I hear someone walking. They have on very heavy boots.

And then, he’s there, in the doorway. A man. He’s fully masked. His mask is black and the room is dim, I can’t make out any features. I suddenly feel like a meek, little girl. Absolutely unable to fight or escape. I’m naked, I’m bound, and now there is an intruder who has found a hidden treasure.

All I can do is open my mouth to beg him not to hurt me. “Please…just take whatever. I won’t tell anyone. Please, don’t hurt me.”
He laughs at this….and I know I’m in trouble.
My head is repeating one word over and over “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”….and on and on.
He walks around me full circle. I feel so embarrassed. What is he going to do?
What am i going to do??? Out of desperation and lack of movement- I scream as loud as I possibly can. “HHHEEEELLLLLPPPPP” No one is going to hear me. Not from down here. Daddy designed this room to hide my screams. He grabbed my hair and yanked. “Shut the fuck up cunt.”
He unstraps my ankles form the leather clasps. For a moment, I think he is going to free me. A desperate hope with no avail.
But he simply adjusts the leather straps on my neck and pushes me to my knees and orders me to stay there. “Don’t fucking move, you little fucking slut bitch.”
My face starts to beat red. He starts undoing his pants. All I know is he’s a black man.
And he pulls out his dick. “Open your fucking mouth”.
I turn my face to the side. “NO” I will not obey him.

SLAP. Right across my face. Hard. “I said open your fucking mouth”.
Again I turn away the other way. Maybe Daddy will come save me. Maybe he knocked Him unconscious and He will come around.

SLAP. Even harder than the last. Enough to draw blood from mouth.

I do as he says. I open my mouth. He shoves his dick straight to the back of my throat. “You better get it nice and wet you little cunt. I’m going to fuck this mouth until you make me nut.”
All I can do is gag and try to breath. He has triggered my saliva, so it is starting to run out of my mouth. He makes sure that I can only come up from the base of his dick and inch or 2, and digs it back down my throat again. My pussy starts clenching. No…how can this be arousing me. I’m being violated.
He is fucking my mouth at a steady rhythm now, and I can’t help the moans that start to escape me.
No…Daddy is going to be upset with me.
The face fucking is beginning to intensify. There is saliva all over, dripping. There are tears going down my face. A film of sweat has formed over me.
He holds my head, and with a few hard pumps and deep grunts and growls he fills my throat with his strange semen. I feel his dick vibrate and spasm as he cums. I can’t help but want to touch my pussy. But my hands are still bound. He grabs my hair and yanks me off his dick.
He knows he’s aroused me, and his dick is already hardening again.
He slaps me across the face.
“You liked that you little cunt bitch, didn’t you?”
I looked down. I feel my face going a deep red. I barely try to whisper “no”, and he slaps me again.
He grabs my face and forces me to look at him.
“Don’t lie to me.”

I am praying Daddy will come too and rescue me. Although, now I’m also worried about what he will think of me.
My captor isn’t finished. He pulls me back up and Unhooks the leather straps from my collar and takes hold of my leash.
“That’s Daddies leash I yell”.

I have angered him. He goes to the wall where Daddy has our canes hanging. He grabs one. Now, I try to run. But he still has hold of leash and pulls me back. There is a special sawhorse Daddy has made me and my captor orders me to lean over it. I barely start to bend before he swats. He brings me to he ground as my knees buckle. He didn’t hold back.
Captor: ” right now, Im your fucking daddy. Say it. Call me Daddy.”
Me: “No, never!”
WHAP, WHAP. 2 swats from the cane. I fall again.

I try to keep my will strong. I have never been hit so hard, and my safe word is useless to this stranger.
I stand back up. I feel the pain so deeply I am entering back in to subspace…which makes me very submissive.
He seats again, even harder, and this time I scream “yes daddy!”

My pussy is leaking so much now. My arms are still bound. I want to be touched so bad. I know that whatever touches me and where will make me instantly cum.
He swats again. This time I remain standing. I am moaning and breathing heavy and sweating.
I can’t help it…”Please, please fuck me. Please put something inside me. I want to cum….please”

He laughs. He is quite enjoying this spectacle. “What a dirty tramp you are” he says. “You want some strange motherfucker that you don’t know to fuck you. You want me to make you cum.”
SWAT, another hit across the thighs.
“You are going to let a strange man enter you and get you off. What will your husband think? You little dirty bitch.”
I fall.
He pulls me up, and unbounds my hands.
I could run, and try to get away.
But…..something deep inside me knows I’m not going anywhere. I don’t even want too. I want to be used more by this intruder. He’s right. I’m a fucking slut.

He bends me over the sawhorse. He tells me not to move an inch.
He goes to the chest to grab some lubricant. He pours it all over my rearend and it runs across my asshole and the bottom of my pussy. I feel myself getting wetter as well.
With the power of a buck, he shoves his entire cock straight into my asshole.

I’m almost taken aback at the intrusive entrance. He waits only a few moments and starts fucking my in the ass hard and fast and deep.
“I want it in my pussy….please”….”not my ass”…..
But I can’t help but give way. It feels amazing. Each stroke starting to edge me.
I start rocking back into him, meeting his body as he pushes his dick so deep inside. I can feel myself building up. His dick is rubbing across my g-spot from my asshole, and
I start rubbing my clitoris. I am pushing back harder and trying to help get his dick even deeper.
I am going to cum for him.
This strange man is going to make me squirt…..
And that’s just what I do.
I am screaming, and pumping, and physically demanding to go over the edge. I start cumming, and squirting which I can do because he’s buried in my ass. The push of my orgasm is threatening to push his dick out, but he fights it. He is able to keep it buried inside my ass as I squirt out cum and liquid and squirm and contort and spasm out of control. It is possibly one of the most amazing orgasms I’ve ever experienced.
I can’t tell Daddy that though…..
He turns me around and puts me back to my knees. He makes me lick his dick clean. I have lost the will to fight him off. I give in. I open wide and suck all the juice that’s collected. He tells me he’s going to cum again and I’m to swallow every drop. He doesn’t want any more evidence left behind.
I gratefully milk his dick for every drop of cum he’s willing to give.
He shoves me off him and let’s me fall to the ground.
He bends down.
He comes close to my face.
“Tell daddy thank you.”…..

“Thank you daddy.” I oblige.

“I will be watching you. I hope to find this little whore alone and abuse her again.” He says.

“Yes, please sir.” I beg. Did I just beg to be raped again?…. Yes I did.

“I mean no……leave me alone.”
This only makes him chuckle. He puts me back in place just as I was when he found me.
And then I heard him leave and called out to Daddy again. I still don’t know if he’s okay or seriously hurt and I can’t check.

Another 5-10 minutes go by. I hear a moan, and a minute later Daddy bursts in. “Babygirl, are you okay sweetie? I don’t know what happened.”

My mind is racing. Do I tell him?…… Or do I keep this dirty secret in hopes that it can happen again.

“I’m fine Daddy. He only threatened me and hit me with the cane a little.” He went around to see the damage. But he also noticed how wet my pussy was.

“And that’s all?” he asked.
“Yes Daddy.” I say this lookig down.
But, He knew……

And He decided to use me even more than the stranger. Since my asshole was already stretched out, He decided to fill it with His dick and a dildo. He punished me for being such a dirty little whore. I begged him to stop. After a couple hours of using me, he left me tied to the sawhorse and told me this is how sluts get treated. Left open and ready to be used. I knew he would be back for more in a couple hours.

I guess I will try to get some sleep.
When I open my eyes, on the sawhorse in front of me is a note from Daddy and a black mask- the same mask as the intruder……
“Be ready little girl. I will be back to get you. I will always take what is mine.”
And it is signed Daddy.

SIDE NOTE: writing this made me cum so fucking hard multiple times.

Syrian Angel