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“No”, I whimpered again as he forced his cock into me. His left hand pushed my head into the pillow. Surely, that muffled my cries. Is that why he didn’t stop?

I attempted to squirm. He applied his body’s full weight onto my back. He thrusted into me with abandon. I could feel his animalistic need to take me.

“No Daddy!”, I mustered. Louder than previous attempts. He grunted, ignoring my pleas. Taking my ass.

“Shut up and take this dick, whore.”

I held on. My head slowly nodded underneath his left hand. My breathing was labored. Shallow.

He began to grab onto my locs. Firmly pulling them all into his grasp. I flinched at the sharp pain. However, I was happy that my ass fully engulfed his dick comfortably. I was a good girl.

“Daddy please… Slow down”.

He sped up.

“Shut the FUCK up!”, he yelled.

His left hand pulled my hair. Hard.

I yelped as silently as I could.

He fucked my ass hard. Certainly, it was meant to be fucked.

The lubricant he poured into my hole (earlier today, with the help of a funnel) made his sliding in and out of me… Really easy. Daddy would’ve had it his way and made it easy, regardless. He loves to force me open with no assistance, but today was special.

I haven’t cum in weeks for him. This was my reward.

The wet sounds of him rapidly fucking me put me into a trance. He was balls deep into my ass-pussy. His groans were really exciting me. I felt his sweat on my back and ass. His left hand slid from my hair to under me and to my left breast. Squeezing it firmly, he growled into my left ear.

“Don’t you ever tell me no. Hear me?”

I moaned. I nodded.

He pulled his dick completely out, almost immediately shoving it back into me.

My ass lifted to meet him halfway. That seemed to please him.

“Thatta girl.”

Grabbing my hips with both hands, he pulled my ass onto his cock and quickly jack fucked me.

I could feel my juices ooze out of my pussy. I was turned all the way on. I know he felt it as his balls slapped onto her.

“I’m gonna cum deep in your ass”, he hissed. “Don’t you fuckin’ move.”

I obeyed. Enjoying the moment and anticipating his hot thick load.

For such a long time, he sent me over the edge. I was in heaven.

His thrusts became more urgent. He needed to plant his seed. And at this point, nothing could stop him.

He growled. An oh so familiar growl. At first, low and deep. It became louder. It was so fucking sexy.

Daddy was cumming.

He slowed a bit. Dick still deep.

Pulling out, he stood up and left me… Used… On the couch.

Too used to move. Creampie too deep to be pushed out.

by MadamStacked