“You have to understand, being a woman is a very, very, uptight experience. When is she ever off? If she’s a mom, she’s always on as far as the kids are concerned. At work, same thing, and is expected to look a certain way 24/7. She can never let her hair down. But in the bedroom, with an experienced lover who knows how to handle her just right; he can encourage her to be free. He can encourage her to relax. There is nothing so draining as the orgasm. Nothing so tension breaking as The Release. But even there in the bedroom, a woman is full of tension. She brings the same junk and stressors that she has to deal with out in the world into the intimate sanctuary of the mating room. You must get her to relax. You must get her to give up, submit, become inhibitedly free, to allow you to do anything you desire to her. Her orfices and limbs are yours, not hers. She no longer has to think anymore, she no longer has to fight anymore, she’s just free. I have many initiates in training, from just out of high school, to middle-aged, and beyond. All seeking in the elixir and the magic that allude so many women. How to be loved unconditionally. How to be touched unconditionally, and someone who will respect Her as His sexual equal.
A woman’s sexual being is not to be recognized. Reason being, cultural. So yes, BDSM is a cult. The Cult of Sexual Being, the Cult of Sexual Essence. When half of the population is constantly trying to suppress the sexual expression, and the sexual essence of another, is there any wonder we live in a world full of psychosis? Because you’ve created a world where our mothers and daughters, sisters too, are at war with themselves. Outer and internal conflicts that we as Men have created or put upon the sexual psychosis of their vagina. How can She love her vagina when We (men) hate her vagina. Our (men) dicks are free to do what it wants and when it wants, but She and her vagina is restricted. Imprisoned, in a man-made construct of our own doing. We (men) the dominate society, have enslaved the woman, made fun of the woman, and there’ll never be a seat at the table of Dicks and Vaginas being equal. Until that glass ceiling is broken, women will always be a second-class citizen.”

The students at the seminar all began to eye another. The women seething with hatred, the guys, with lowered gazes, ashamed of the message they just heard. Others of both genders were nodding in agreement with one another. He didn’t want to start a sexual revolution, but a sexual recognition. Until society changes this sexual imbalance, we all were going to hell in a handbasket.

Excerpts from A Man Like Him

By Cn