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“A woman feels the most sexiest when she has a dog collar on. What’s the purpose of lingerie? Something I personally can’t stand. It’s a nonverbal communication come hither device. It’s a woman saying to a man ‘Iam ready to be entered. I have prepared myself for you.’ Even still, The psychosis and neurosis of body image is still there. On the one hand, she is telling her male counterpart, ‘I am ready for you,’ or on the other, she may be using lingerie as a shield against viewing unflattering body parts prior to sex. So ego is present. It never left her head. On the other hand, the woman who presents herself to a man collared, and she’s been collared by that man, feels the most sexiest. What is the root word in sexy? It’s sex. So when we’re talking about sexy, we’re talking about sex. The collared woman has released herself of ego. She’s owned. The collared woman is 100% confident that her body is going to be used for pleasure; therefore she no longer has body image hang-ups. She perfectly understands, that it’s going to be used for someone else’s pleasure. And that it is wanted for that purpose. That it is needed in that purpose. It is her automatic confidence-booster. That someone else has faith in her, that she can, (her body), bring arousal and pleasure to someone else. This is why the collared woman feels the most sexiest. She has no hang-ups about her physical imagery. Because it has already been predetermined that it is needed for such purposes.”

The auditorium full of attendees were deadpan silent as images suddenly projected onto a screen. “These are various clippings of women collared and others in lingerie. Look at the collared women’s gait, or walk. It is far more animalistic than her lingerie wearing counterpart. It can be animalistic like a tigress, ready to pounce. Or as submissive as a bitch, (female dog), in heat. Thoroughly submissive and ready to be entered from the rear, either anally or vaginally. She exudes the elixir of good sex. Sensuality. Whereas the lingerie wearing women, are not exhibiting that level of confidence.

Excerpts from A Man Like Him

by Cn