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an original work by Stickygyrl
Uncle Tony
“Damn, Trina. Are we out again?” Frustrated, I placed the empty bowl back on the coffee table.
“I guess so, ‘causeI we don’t have anymore. ” She replied hazily, the effects of the previous bowl still lingering. “I could call my Uncle Tony, he always got some.”

Trina’s Uncle Tony came to the rescue and everyone was laid back feeling the effect of the good shit he brought with him. I know I was dozing off, when I felt something rub on my lips. “Time to pay the piper, Baby Girl” Tony said, as he rubbed his hard cock against my lips. The effects of the herb, had my senses on end, so I instinctively parted my lips to accept him in my mouth.
Tony was in his early 40’s and we were not yet out of high school. Me and his niece Trina had been friends since our playground days, so we have had many adventures together. I guess it was time for another one.
I began to suck on Tony’s thick ass dick. I’m what you might call a cock sucker, because I’m like a kid in a candy store with a dick in my mouth. Tony wasted no time fucking my sweet little mouth like a whore. I was on cloud 9 and loving it. I feel Trina ease up behind me and whisper in my ear, “ Uncle Tony has good dick huh?” Peeking her head over my shoulder, she lined her head up with mine and opened her mouth to accept her uncle’s cock.

“Trina, what are you doing? That’s your uncle.” I warned her “
Trina just giggled” It’s ok. I’ve been hooking Uncle Tony up since I was years” Between the two of us we wet his cock good as he took turns brutally fucking our faces. When Trina wasn’t sucking off her uncle, she was kissing and biting on my neck. Finally, I guess Tony was ready to fuck, so had me get on my knees, doggy style, Trina lay under me playing with my titties, as Tony entered me from behind. Tony’s dick was unbelievable. He started out slow, letting my juices wet his cock. I could feel my pussy quivering as he prepared me with a slow fuck. Underneath me, Trina was pulling and biting on my nipples making my pussy drip even more on her Uncle Tony’s thick cock. As Tony began to fuck me harder, Trina was scooting down so her face was under my twat, as she used her tongue to tease my clit.
When Tony felt his nieces tongue wash across his dick as it plunged in and out of my tight little fuck hole, He began to lose it. His strokes got shorter and faster. “Aww, Hell Yeah, Trina! You got a nasty slutty mouth just like my sister! Fuck, I’m gonna cum, baby gyrl!” I felt Tony pull out and Trina began to giggle as he shot his cum on to her face. She tried to get his dick into her mouth and drink his hot cum straight from the tap, but she missed and his cum shot all over her lips and up her nose. Trina didn’t stop though. She rubbed her cummy face against my well fucked pussy and brought me to another orgasm with her gooey tongue deep in my snatch. Tony, was laughing, “Damn Tri – you gon get the bitch pregnant , eating her with all my nut on your face.”
Tony was getting hard again watching our display. After a few mins, I stoped Trina’s attack on my swollen pussy and began to lick the remaining slime from her face. Tony was rolling up another one, so we all took a break to regroup. Of course, within no time we were feeling the effects again, and Tony was ready to play. “Tri, come sit on my lap.You know how we do.” Trina quickly moved over to he Uncle’s lap and slowly eased her pussy down his shaft. That’s it, baby girl. You want this candy?”
mmm, yes uncle Tony, you got the best candy.” Trina moaned.
“Tell ya girl to come taste this candy too.” Tony replied still fucking into his nieces wet, young pussy nice and slow.
You wanna taste his candy, Stacy?” Trina moaned inviting me to taste their juices. I wasted no time getting into the mix. I buried my face in Trina’s ass, licking Uncle Tony’s balls and dick as it plunged in and out of his niece. Ocassionally, I shoved my tongue deep into Trina’s asshole, cause her to squeal with delight.

That  right, baby girl. Get her ass ready for me. Tri- likes a long stroke in her ass, don’t you baby?
“Mmm, Yes Uncle Tony.”
Tony, slowly pulled out of his nieces drippy cunt and took a step back. “ Put your ass in the air, Tri. You know how your mother showed you I like it.”

Trina got down on the floor, on her knees. As she stretched forward, she stuck her ass high in the air and waited for her Uncle to enter her tight little ass.

“Stacey, get under her and suck her pussy while I dig her ass out.” Tony commanded.
I scooted down under Trina’s cunt and went to work on her sweet pussy. I heard tony encouraging his young niece to relax as he entered her juicy ass hole. Trina began to moan like crazy as he slow pushed his cock into her rectum. Once he got all the way in, I could feel his balls brush my chin as I went to work on her pussy. Trina was delirious, screaming and crying in exstacy.

“Damn yo ass is tight!” Tony moaned as he began to slow stroke his nieces ass. “Tell Stacey about how much you love your Uncles dick”
Trina started moaning “ I love your dick Uncle Tony! It feels sooooo good in my ass! Oooh, Its so good! Fuck my ass Uncle Tony! It’s so good!”
“Yeah, Tri. You got some good ass just like my little sister. I used to bend your mama over like this every day after she got out of school. She love my dick to don’t she baby girl?”
“mmm Yes, Uncle Tony! She says, she used to suck your dick like candy every day after school, then she would bend over just like this so you could fuck her tight little holes!” Trina was screaming. Between my sucking her pussy raw and her Uncle Fucking her tight ass, Trina was babbling like an idiot.
Uncle Tony really started to pound her ass. “ Yo mama didn’t want to share this dick with you at first. She kept saying you was too young and shit. I had to remind her who was in charge. Remember when she called you into the room and you first saw her in this position? What did I tell you?
“ You told me to come watch my momma take this dick.” Trina replied, her voice bumping up and octave every time he slammed into her ass.

“What else did I tell you?” Tony demanded
“You told me if I was a good girl, I could get some of your candy too. Then you told me to lay down next to my momma. So , I laid on my back next to her and watched you fuck your little sister.” Trina’s voice was breathy from the energy and excitement she felt while her Uncle slammed into her ass.
“Tell Stacey, what happened then.” Tony commanded as he continued to plow into her ass.
“ You kept fucking mommy until you pulled out and came on her back and on my little chest. Then you told my momma to clean me up and get me ready because pretty soon, I’d be next.”
“Damn, Tri. I’m about to cum. You want it in your ass, or you want to share with your little friend? Tony asked .
“ Breed my ass, Uncle Tony! You know I love it when you cum deep in my ass. Stacey can feed off your fuck slime as I push it from my ass!”
“ Ughhh you got a nasty little mouth, princess. My fucking little princess slut! I’m about to impregnate your tight little ass…. Fuuuuuck!” Tony exhaled as vigorously pumped his seed deep into his nieces intestine! Tony beckoned me over to his lap and rubbed his ass slimy dick across my face. “ Clean me up, baby girl. I don’t want you to feel left out.”
I could taste Tirna’s ass on Uncle Tony’s dick. My own pussy still wet from all the action and the wild ass story I had just heard. Trina lay discarded on the floor, trying to catch her breath as she watched me clean her uncles cock. When we was done, he pulled his dick from my hungry mouth and let it slap me on the cheek before he got up and got dressed to leave. As he headed toward the door, he threw a little bag on the table. “You two will run out of this soon enough, but there’s always more where that came from. Just call me.”

by Stickygyrl