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Note: This story is about a ddlg relationship between two consenting adults. It is also non-sexual.

Amber kicked off her shoes as soon as she got home. She went to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to the couch. She pushed a pile of past due bills off the coffee table. A few unwelcome guest scurried as she did so. She scoffed. She paid $900 for a pest infested one bedroom apartment. She hated living there but with her credit score, her crippling student debt, and the paycheck the cafe it was all she could do at the moment.

She opened the bottle. Tomorrow was her day off so she could do what she wanted. Which usually meant sleeping the day away. After one glass of wine, she wondered why she was doing all this. After a second she thought that all she had to do was put pen to paper in order to become the writer she always wanted to be. After a third she asked the universe why did she have to struggle so much. She fell asleep after the fourth, crying into the couch cushion.

When she woke up, the sun was already high in the sky. It peeked through her shades and stabbed at her face. She thought she heard knocking at her door. She got up, rubbing her eyes and dragged her feet to the door. When she opened it, no one was there but she did notice an envelope taped to her door. She returned to the couch and opened it. What fell out was a letter and a bunch of money. Her heart started racing.
‘What the fuck?’ she thought. She counted the money. It was $2500! She quickly picked up the letter. It read the following.

“To Amber Davids. I hope this letter finds you well. You might not remember me, but a couple of months ago, I had been robbed. Everything was taken from me and my assailant had beaten me and left me for dead. There were a lot of people passing by, taking photos, and looking but you were the only one to take me to the hospital. I could not forget my savior. After recovering fully, I just wanted to thank you. Please take this monetary gift as a small token of my gratitude. I’d also ask if you would meet me for dinner this evening so that I might thank you in person. If you are unable to attend, please call me at the number below so we can reschedule a time that is more convenient. If I don’t hear from you, I will assume your attendance and meet you at the address listed below. Very warm regards, David Robinson.”

Amber read the letter over once or twice more. She remembered Mr. Robinson very well. The poor older man was beaten and bruised. She remembered how angry she was that no one had helped him and she had called 911. The operator said that it would take awhile for them to get there because of a large car accident so she took him in her car herself. She re-read the letter once more and stared at the money in disbelief.

‘A small token?’ she thought to herself gathering the money. How could he thank her more than this? She looked up the address to the place they were going. It was a fancy seafood restaurant. One she would save up for and only go to on her birthdays. She decided she’d go meet with him, and thank him. Although the money was unnecessary, it was a god send. It was enough to pay off her 3 credit cards, her utility bills, her car payment and have a little left over.

It was around 7:45pm when Amber pulled up to the ‘Oceanaire’. Their reservation was at 8 and she didn’t want to be late. After parking, Amber headed inside and was seated quickly. Mr. Robinson was already seated and he stood up to shake her hand and pull her chair for her. Now that he was cleaned up, he looked very smart. He was a tall black man. He stood around 6 feet and his hair was dusted with the signs of aging. He looked fit for his age, had a warm smile and his eyes crinkled at the side. She wondered how a fella as big as him could get robbed but she didn’t think about it too much.
Mr. Robinson explained that at the time, he had been feeling a bit ill and on his way from the pharmacy, he had been attacked. He assured her that had he been at full strength he could have fought off 20 of those young men. Amber giggled at this and they both shared a laugh. When their food arrived, they ate and talked at length. She found herself warming up to him. He was so warm and the urge to give him a hug was overwhelming.

“You remind me a lot of my daughter,” he said after a while.

“Oh? Is that so? How old is she?” she asked.

“She died actually. She was only two…but the look in your eye reminds me of her so very much,” he said quietly. Amber was quiet at this.

“You went to school to become a writer you said?” he asked.

“…yea. I want to write books and short stories. I’d like to write full-time if I can.”

“It must be hard to do that when you have to worry about bills and work and that sort of thing,” he took a sip of his drink.

“Very. I haven’t written anything in so long,” she said. They were quiet for some time. Amber shifted in her seat a bit. The silence was stifling.

“I have a proposition for you as a way of gratitude,” he began.

“Oh Mr. Robinson, you’ve thanked me enough,”

“No, I might’ve died that night. So without your efforts, I wouldn’t be alive. How would you like the opportunity to write full time?”

Her eyes widened.

“Are you offering me a job?” she said.

“Not exactly…what I’m offering is a certain…arrangement. I will provide you with all the time you need to write, without the worries of bills, money, etc. in exchange for something that I want.”

A dark look passed over Amber’s eyes.

“Is this a sex thing?” she glared. Mr. Robinson laughed.

“No. Not even remotely,” he said. “Basically, what I want is for you to pretend to be my daughter.”

“Oh? That shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Have you ever heard of abdl?” he asked, looking at her intensely.

“I think so…isn’t that where adults dress up like babies. In diapers and stuff?” she whispered.

“Well yes. It isn’t just that, but in a nutshell: yes. My child was 2 when I lost her and I want to relive those years. Essentially, I want you to become my babygirl and in exchange, I will provide my full support for your dream.” he said. Amber felt her heart racing.

“And what all does being a baby girl entail?”

“Well, you would be diapered and bottle fed. You would be on a schedule. I’d wake you, clothe you, set aside writing time for you. I’d have full control of your day-to-day life and you would never have to worry about anything. I’d take care of all your student loans and your collection bills. You would have a special room in my house filled with special furniture. You wouldn’t have to live with roaches ever again.” he finished. Amber was quiet.
“You don’t have to decide right now. Like I said, this isn’t a sexual thing for me. I just want the experience of parenthood and due to my health problems, I can’t take on the responsibility of an actual child. So this is the next best thing. Take some time to think about it, alright?” he said.

They finished their dinner and went their separate ways. Amber had a lot to think about. Mr. Robinson gave her his number in case she had any questions. She thought about it all week. She pondered and wondered and questioned and researched.

The first thing she did was turn to the internet. Her initial searched turned up with some images that made her cringe. Women and men tied up in cribs and being forced to do things. She texted Mr. Robinson a picture of what she found. He laughed and told her it would be nothing like that. He sent her a link for a fetish website that had a better explanation of what he wanted. She looked up “regressive ageplay” and discovered there were many people who were in the business of being a “little” or a “caregiver” without being sexual about it. She saw pictures, watched videos, and read stories about it. She showed Mr. Robinson some of the stories she liked and he sent her some back.

She found online groups to talk with. She chatted with other littles who gave her advice about being a little and how to get into little space. They suggested setting aside some time in her day to just “be a kid” so for an hour a day she would color, or watch some cartoons from her childhood. Mr. Robinson bought her a few toys and she spent a bit of time playing by herself.
She realized it was very relaxing for her.

She did some online roleplaying. Amber and Mr. Robinson went through a couple of scenarios. In one scenario, they “went to the park”. In another, they “went to the beach”. It was fun. The scenarios included diaper changes and bottle feeding too. She admitted it was fun. He sent her some diapers to try out. She would wear them at home, so she could get used to them. He also sent her a bottle and a pacifier. She started using the pacifier at night and when she was alone. She realized they were quite comforting.
She met with Mr. Robinson a couple more times to ask for specifics. They talked about her likes and dislikes, discipline, her schedule, and many other things. He asked her about her favorite colors and her favorite cartoons.

She found some support groups for littles and they would attend together. She asked questions, he asked questions, and Amber found herself growing more excited about the arrangement. They would talk daily and Mr. Robinson would ask her about how her day had gone. He took her out a couple more times so she could feel comfortable being a little. They went to the park like in their role-playing. They had a picnic and she colored while he read a book. She showed him her picture and he told her what a good artist she was. They went to build-a-bear and to trampoline world. After another three weeks of negotiating and going through what exactly was expected of her, she agreed to a 6 month trial.

Mr. Robinson would be her “daddy” and had agreed to take care of her debt regardless.She, in exchange would give it a full effort and at the end of the 6 months, if she truly didn’t like it, she was free to leave. He had even agreed to help her find a better apartment. It was a win for both sides and Amber had so much more to gain so she agreed to the trial. Mr. Robinson said he needed a few more weeks to get everything set up for her so in the meantime, they would have little time at her apartment. He would feed her out of a bottle sometimes.

When everything was set up and ready, she quit her job, put in her 30 day notice at her apartment, and Mr. Robinson had even given her money to put her things in storage. She told her friends and family she was going on a writing retreat but would still keep in contact. While Mr. Robinson worked from home and while he was working, Amber would spend time writing. She would still have to be diapered and he would change her and give her snacks. She agreed to that and in turn, Mr. Robinson agreed that for 1 hour everyday she could have adult time. She was free to do whatever she wanted or contact whoever she wanted to during that hour and she wasn’t required to use her diapers.

Mr. Robinson lived in Temecula, California. His house was very isolated, which was both comforting and terrifying all at once. She pulled up to the gated driveway. There was a man that she didn’t recognize who opened her door. He introduced himself as Peter and helped her out of the car. Mr. Robinson was waiting at the door with a big smile on his face.
“Welcome to your new home,” he said opening his arms for a hug. Amber hugged him eagerly. It was warm. They all went inside. Peter went to put her things away as Mr. Robinson led her through the house for a tour. The bottom floor had a dining room, an office, a living room that had an adult sized play pen, toys, and books. They went through the kitchen and to a door that led to the backyard. Amber noticed an adult sized high chair and blushed a little.

Outside there was an adult sized play area. There were swings, a slide, and a sandbox. Amber’s heartbeat a little faster. She had seen videos of adults playing on such things and admittedly it did look fun. They went upstairs. There were a few bedrooms. One was Mr. Robinsons. It was huge, had a balcony and large bathroom. Attached to that room was Peter’s room. Apparently he lived there to assist Mr. Robinson with maintaining the property. Peter also had a wife, Sylvia, who was out buying supplies for Amber’s arrival. During their talks, Mr. Robinson did mention that there might be other caretakers that might babysit her while he went to do what he called “daddy things”. They agreed that while he was working, she would work on her writing. She would get up 6-8 hours of writing a day (but she still had to wear her diapers), 1 hour of adult time, and the rest would be dictated by “daddy”.

He showed her her bedroom.

It was decorated in baby blue and lavender: her favorite colors. Pictures of her favorite cartoons covered the walls. There was an adult sized crib with a mobile over it with her favorite characters. There was an adult changing table fully stacked with blue and white diapers, baby powder and wipes. She blushed again. There were many stuffies and other toys.

“If you want to take a break, you can play with anything in here okay little one?” Mr. Robinson says. Amber blushes and nods. There is another door that leads to Mr. Robinson’s room so that if she needed anything, he’d be right there. They left the pretty room and went to another office. It was her own office! She had everything she needed there. There was even a large wall length bookshelf with loads of books about writing as well as some fun fiction ones. A big grin crossed her face.

“You like it?” he mused.

“Yes, I like it alot…daddy,” she blushed.

“That’s the end of the tour baby girl. How about we get you into something more comfortable and have some breakfast okay?” he looks down at her.

“Okay,” she looks down.

“Aww. Don’t be shy. Come to daddy,” he coos and opens his arms to her. She hesitates a moment before shuffling towards him and opening her arms. He scoops her up and holds him on her hip. She was only 5’1” and he was strong enough to hold her. She held him close and he carried her back to the nursery. He sat her on the changing table.
“I’m going to change your clothes now okay? Will you help me?” he says. She nods and stands on the wooden stool next to the changing table. He helps her out of her pants and underwear while she takes off her shirt. She’s left in nothing but a sports bra. Daddy gets a diaper, a few booster pads and lays it on the table. He lays her on top of it. It crinkles against the table. He fastens it up and as she lays there, he goes to the closet to ge a onesie for her to wear.She sits up and he puts it on for her and fastens it between her legs.

“There we go, pretty girl.” he pats her head. Amber smiles and bites her lip.

“Let’s go eat now,” daddy holds out his arms and Amber lets him pick her up again. He carries her downstair and puts her into the high chair. He fastens her in and puts the tray on, locking it into place. She looks around.The diaper feels a bit odd but comfortable.

“What would you like to eat for breakfast sweetie? Daddy will make anything you like,” daddy says heading to the fridge.

“I…I like fruit,” Amber says quietly.

“What kind of fruit? Do you like eggs and pancakes?” he asks.

“I like nectarines and yes,” she says.

“Can you ask like a good little girl?” he says looking at her. She blushes and hugs herself.

“Can…can I have a nectarine daddy?”

“Good girl. Of course you can.” he smiles and starts to prepare their breakfast. He cuts a nectarine up and puts them on a little plate with a frog on it. He puts it on the tray in front of Amber. He hands her an adult sized bottle of orange juice.

“Here you go baby. Have this while I finish cooking,” he pets her head gently.

She eats quietly and looks around the kitchen. She takes a few sips of the bottle. It’s a bit difficult to drink at first but she gets the hang of it. When she’s halfway done, daddy places a plate with little pancakes and some eggs in front of her. Daddy sits in a chair next to her and picks up a fork. He puts a piece of egg on it. He holds it up to her.

“Open up princess,” he cooes. She opens her mouth and he feeds her.

“What a good girl you are,” he says giving her another forkful of eggs. Amber finds her face feeling warm. She eats very shyly and when she’s done, daddy wipes her mouth clean. He takes her out of the high chair and carries her to the living room with a bottle of warm milk. They play on the carpet for a little while, playing with blocks and other toys. Amber found herself getting really into it. She was giggling when daddy would make funny voices for the toys. After a while, Amber was squirming.
“Does someone have to go potty?” daddy asked. Amber looked up from the toys.

“Yea…where’s your bathroom?” she asked. Daddy looked at her intently.

“Sorry little one. Baby girls need to use their diapers,” he said making Amber look down at the thought of wetting herself. She closed her legs tight, trying to fight off the urge as long as possible. Daddy sat back against the couch to watch. After another few minutes Amber she couldn’t hold it anymore. She relieved herself in the diaper. She started to cry. She could feel it getting heavier between her legs.

“Don’t cry. It’s okay, daddy is here,” daddy said picking her up. She buried her face in his shoulder. She couldn’t believe that she wet herself! He took her upstairs and laid her on the changing table.

“Good girl, using your diaper. Daddy is so proud of you Amber.” he said taking her wet diaper off. She covered her face with both hands. He wiped her clean placed a fresh diaper underneath, powered her and taped her up. When he was done, he picked her up and held her against him. He patted her back.

“You did so so good Amber. Daddy is very proud of you,” he cooed. Amber was quiet for a long time and daddy held her until she calmed down. They played a little more and watched Blues Clues together in the living room. He sat her on her lap. As it played, Amber got really into her little space, giggling when Steve would ask the audience for advice. After a few episodes Amber dozed off.

When she woke up she was alone on the couch. She sat up and stretched. She didn’t see daddy anywhere. She got up to look for him. Her diaper was so thick that she had to waddle around. She heard papers shuffling so she went into the downstairs office. Daddy was seated behind his desk. He had glasses on and was reading through some papers. He looked up when he heard her shuffle through the door. He gave her a big smile.

“Did you have a good nap little one?” he said gesturing for her to come to him.

“Yes daddy,” she mumbled. She went over and climbed in his lap. He was very warm and she curled up. Daddy went back to reading as he stroked her arm with his free hand.

“Is this weird?” she asked after some time.


Amber buried her head in his chest and started to cry. Daddy put his papers down and held her close.

“This is weird right? Dressing like a baby…drinking from a bottle…it’s not normal,” she sobbed. She was frustrated and confused. Daddy let her cry for a little while. When she calmed down, he spoke.

“Amber. It’s okay. You’re not weird. This isn’t weird…think of it this way. We all have an inner child right?”

She nodded.
“Okay, and everyone gets in touch with that inner child differently. For some maybe they play soccer with their kids. Makes them feel young again. Some people play video games. Some people dress up in a diaper. It’s not wrong, it’s just different,” he says rubbing hehe back. Amber is quiet for some time.

“Besides, there’s a whole community of people who do this too. It can’t be all that strange. Just because it isn’t mainstream, doesn’t make it bad. You don’t like sports right?”

Amber shook her head.

“Well it might seem a bit strange that people paint their faces or go sit in freezing weather. It’s okay to like different things little one,” he finished. He held Amber for a long time as she thought about what he said. She rubbed her eyes a bit. They were puffy from crying.

“You’re right…this is just very different…”

“Do you want to stop?” he asked gently.

“No…I just feel a little bit weird…I do like it,” she admitted. She felt scared.

“It’ll be okay, we will take it nice and slow. I’m very proud of you for trying this with me.” he said hugging her against him. Amber’s heart skipped a beat. She liked it when he said he was proud of her. Her own father was never in her life and some part of her really enjoyed having a “daddy”.

“Are you ready for your snack little one?” he asked.

“Okay daddy,” she said. He got up, carrying her to the kitchen and placing her in her high chair again. He gave her some grapes and some crackers with little slices of cheese. They were some of her favorite snacks. She smiled.

“I like that you have my favorite things.” she said popping a grape into her mouth.

“Of course. That’s what daddies are supposed to do,” he said patting her head before going to the pantry and getting some chips for himself to snack on. Amber blushed. He had obviously put a lot of thought into what she liked. He was really putting in effort. Maybe she should start putting in more effort.

“I really love my room daddy,” she said smiling.

“That’s great,” he smiled. “After this, do you want to work on your writing?”

Amber thought for awhile.

“Actually, can we start the new schedule on Monday? Can we play some more and have lots of little time this weekend? Please daddy?” she asked.

Daddy had a big smile on his face. Daddy needed to feel fulfilled too.

“Of course we can,” he said.

They played for the rest of the afternoon. He took Amber outside to play on the swing set and the slide. They played dress up. They had a quick lunch, then watched cartoons together. There were a couple more awkward wet diapers but Amber pushed through it. It wasn’t bad, she just wasn’t used to it. Though she did like the feeling of having the poofy diaper wrapped around her.

Soon enough it was bath time. Daddy said bedtime would be at 8pm every night, so they had time for a bath and a story. He took her to his bathroom which had a large round jacuzzi tub inside. Amber took a quick scrub in the shower while she waited. That way she could relax.

Daddy filled the tub with warm water and poured in some bubble bath. He turned on the jets and soon, the tub was filled with bubbles. It smelled like strawberries. Her favorite. Daddy helped her out of the shower and into the warm bath. He gave her a few ducks and boats to play with.

She laughed a little as she played with the bubbles. Daddy decided to read her a story in the bath so she sat back and rested her head on the wall. The water was so warm.

“I’m sleepy daddy,” she yawned when he was halfway through the story.

“Alright love, let’s get you dressed and ready for bed,” he said helping her out and drying her off. He carried her to the nursery and laid her on the changing table. He rubbed baby lotion on her from head to toe and placed her in an even thicker diaper. He dressed her in a full body purple onesie and carried her to the crib. She laid down on her belly and daddy gave her her pacifier and a soft bear to hug. He kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight love, daddy loves you,” he said be

Amber laid there for a minute. Thinking of the day she had. Although everything was different, it was not unpleasant. Mr. Robinson was so accommodating. He didn’t make her feel pressured or rush her into things. She had had so much fun. She couldn’t recall a day where she had felt so peaceful and carefree. She hugged her teddy close. Maybe there was something to being a little after all.

It wasn’t long after that she fell asleep, thinking of what the weekend had in store for her.

by Plumeria

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