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Chapter 1: Business Men

Note: This is a CGL story. It is between two consenting unrelated adults. Although they refer to each other as “brother”, they are unrelated. This is a fantasy-like story with humanoid demons that have been around for hundreds of years. 100 human years is equivalent to 1 year for them. The story of the demon’s history can be found in “The First Alpha”. This story is sexual and the characters have “animal characteristics”.

“Aiden. If you don’t hurry up, I’m going to leave you. You might be able to be as late as you please but I can’t, ” Shawn said looking at his watch for the third time.

“I’m coming, I can’t find my badge!” Aiden yelled from the bedroom. Shawn pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Come out here little brother,” Shawn said taking a deep sigh. Aiden walked out of the guest bedroom and into the living room. Shawn had his badge in his hand.

“Is that what was taking so long? It was here on the counter like it always is.” Shawn said. Aiden blushed.

“I thought I moved it,” he said walking up to Shawn and taking the badge from him. He fiddled with it for a moment, trying to attach it to his shirt. Shawn rolled his eyes.

“Honestly…” he took the badge from Aiden and attached it to his blazer.

“Thanks,” Aiden smiled kissing the tip of Shawn’s nose. Shawn turned a light shade of pink. A small kitten ran over to Aiden. She rubbed against Aiden’s leg and meowed.

“Oh, good morning Kirara” Aiden reached down to pet the demon cat.

“Let’s go Aiden. I’m leaving now with or without you,” he said turning away from Aiden and toward the front door.

“I’m coming, Shawn. Don’t leave me,” Aiden said rushing after him and waving at the small kitten, “Goodbye Kirara, we’ll be home soon.”

Shawn held the front door open for his troublesome little brother and followed him out. They walked to the front of their condo where Shawn’s white Lexus was parked. He opened the passenger’s door for Aiden who hopped in.

“Watch your tail,” Shawn said remembering when Aiden’s furry white tail got caught in the door. He whined for days about the pain of it all. Shawn didn’t want to deal with that again.

“I know, I know. Geez, you remind me all the time. One time. My tail got caught one time” Aiden pouted and pulled in his tail as Shawn closed the door.

They were wolf demons but Aiden was a halfling. Their breed of demon had a humanoid form and a larger wolf form but a halfling’s humanoid form usually had characteristics from their animal form: wings, scales or, in Aiden’s case, a tail and puppy ears. Amongst demon society, halflings were looked down upon but Shawn thought Aiden’s human form was adorable.

In less than ten minutes they were on the 5 south freeway heading toward their office building.


“Yea?” Aiden’s ears perked up at the sound of his name.

“Sometimes I think you take so long to get ready in the morning just to mess with me,” Shawn smoothly flew through the other cars.

“I don’t. I really thought I lost my badge,” Aiden said lowering his ears.


“Are you going to be working late tonight?” Aiden flipped through his bag, making sure he had his wallet and a book to read. Aiden was a part-timer at the company and went to school full-time too. They worked at a hotel. Shawn worked as a co-head for the executive board and Aiden worked as a temp for their sales team.

“Most likely. Nathan and I are looking at some marketing strategies. We’re trying to attract more members to the hotel. I have to do some research tonight and present it to the team in the morning,” Shawn got off the highway and onto the streets.

“What do you want for dinner tonight then?” Aiden asked. Shawn to glance over. He knew what Aiden wanted.

“I was thinking I’d like some ramen tonight,” Shawn said. Aiden’s ears perked up and his tail started to wag.

“Okay!” he smiled. Shawn chuckled.

“Calm down pup.” Aiden blushed again.

“Hey, I’m not a pup. I’m hundreds of years old.” he protested.

“You are still a puppy to me.” he chuckled. Shawn pulled into the parking structure of a large multi-story building. This was his kingdom, well half belonged to him. The other half belonged to Nathan, at least for now. The two of them ran one of the largest luxury demon hotels in the world. He wondered how he could get Nathan out of the way. The two had bad blood between them but it wasn’t his decision. It was the councils. But as long as they made money and didn’t do anything outrageous, they could run things as they saw fit.

“Shawn?” Aiden called for the third time.


“I was just saying I’ll see you tonight” he smiled with such innocence. Shawn got his briefcase out of the car. Aiden ran over and gave Shawn a hug. He nuzzled against him and Shawn kissed the top of his head.

“Bye Aiden. Work hard and be a good boy,” he said. Aiden scrunched his nose. “If you’re good, I’ll give you something nice later,” he whispered in one of Aiden’s puppy ears.

Aiden was always sent to Shawn’s office to deliver his mail or take any messages to him. Everyone else seemed afraid of him so Aiden was the official message bearer. Shawn didn’t mind seeing his adorable pup with his white tail wagging about.

They went through the employee entrance. There was a security check. They swiped their cards at the reader but Aiden got stopped by the guard. Shawn nearly said something but Aiden made him promise to keep his nose out of it. Shawn had a low growl in his throat but stopped when he caught Aiden’s eye. ‘What an unsightly ox’ he thought as he stepped into the elevator.

Aiden walked up to the security guard. Owen was a mountain of a demon who loved giving Aiden a hard time.

“Hold on one second Aiden, there’s a random security check and you’re the lucky winner,” Owen said stepping up to him.

“It’s not random if you always check me,” Aiden muttered. He watched Shawn head towards the elevators. It wasn’t fair. Shawn never got stopped by security and Aiden couldn’t argue too much or it would make Shawn look bad. He tried to be on his best behavior. As the packmate of the CEO, Aiden had to constantly watch what he said and did. Especially around the office.

“Can we just get this over with,” he sighed not trying to provoke Owen. After a 20-minute security check, Aiden could finally take the elevator to the seventh floor where he worked. It sucked that even though they worked together, he didn’t see him as much as he wanted because Shawn worked on the highest floor. If he worked hard enough, maybe he could be a big shot too.

He stepped out of the elevator and headed toward Ian’s office. Ian was his boss. He gave him his assignments for the day, sent him on outings and scolded him of course. He was an old bag of bones but he was kind. He had been in their life since he was a kid. After the human-demon integration

Ian was sitting behind his desk, filling out paperwork. He didn’t even look up when Aiden came in and closed the door.

“Aiden, you’re late again.”

“Sorry old man, Owen was giving me a hard time as usual” he sat down in a chair in front of the desk waiting for his assignments for the day.

“Always excuses with you. When are you going to take some responsibility for your own actions? You can’t rely on your brother forever” Aiden’s ears flattened and his tail lowered. Ian looked up.

“I know that…” Aiden mumbled.

“Don’t get upset. I’m saying you have the potential to be a great man and you waste it. I’ve known you for hundreds of years now, and it’s time that you stepped up to become the man your father would have wanted you to be instead of being in your brother’s shadow,”

“I didn’t come to be lectured old man, I’m here aren’t I?” Aiden pouted. “I’m not sitting around doing nothing, I am trying to make my dad and Shawn proud…can I just have my assignments so I can get out of here?” he slunk back in his chair.

“Hmm” Ian handed him a stack of papers.

“At the top, you’ll find a list of tasks to be completed by 5 pm today. Then a list of things to be completed by Wednesday of this week; they’ll take longer to complete so you’ll want to get a start on them today. Behind that, you’ll find paperwork that needs to be filed away and a call list. Lastly, you’ll find a list of things that need to be taken to various employees on various floors.” Ian continued his paperwork.

“You sure piled it on heavy today, but I’ll get it done no problem” He got up from his chair.

“One more thing Aiden.”


“Here is a stack of things that need to be taken to Shawn,” he said handing him an equally large stack. Aiden’s ears perked up. “They can be taken to him anytime today” he added, knowing full well that Aiden saved that task for last.

“Thanks Ian” Aiden smiled before leaving the room, tail wagging. Ian sat back in his chair.

“It seems like only yesterday, those two were at each other’s throats,” he mumbled to himself.

Elsewhere, Shawn sat down at his desk. He had a long day ahead of him. He stared at the stack of papers on his desk. Jacky came into the room. He was the receptionist.

“Ahh Shawn, you were a little late this morning. Having a little fun with that delicious little pup of yours? I’m so jealous” he sat on Shawn’s desk.

“Why are you still alive?”

“So mean, if I died, I wouldn’t be able to see you every day,” he smiled.

“Should I kill you now or after lunch?” Shawn couldn’t deal with this foolishness; he had much too much work to do.

“Oh before lunch is fine, but not here though. Let’s do that in a more private place. Like your bedroom,” he licked his lips.

“What do you want? My patience is growing thin.”

“I just came to tell you that Nathan wants to have lunch with you to discuss some things with you,”

“Fine, just get out. Can you please file some papers for once? You are annoying and not useful. I might just have to replace you,” a scowl painted his face.

“Okay, okay. I’ll file all the papers. Next time, I’ll bring my maid outfit to do it. Would that make you less grumpy if you had something pleasant to look at?”

“Get out,” Shawn said flatly.

The door closed and Shawn was left with his own thoughts. He worked for some time before his mind started to wander. He started thinking about ways to convince Aiden to wear such a thing. That would be much more pleasant. He’d probably have to promise him ramen for a week. He smiled to himself. His fantasy was cut short with the thought that today instead of eating lunch with his pup, he’d be with Nathan instead.

‘What a loathsome creature. His continued survival is a nuisance. With any luck, I can get rid of him soon,” he thought to himself as he began his work of the day. He’d skip out on that lunch. They had worked together for about a year now. Shawn hadn’t seen him since the 1700s when Nathan tried to have him murdered.

Shawn looked up from his desk, his ears flickered. He could hear Aiden coming closer. He looked at his watch. It was 6:00 pm, and Aiden had come to eat dinner with him. The two of them stayed at the office until Shawn finished his work. Aiden usually read a book or studied for his classes. Aiden decided a few years back that he wanted to pursue public relations. He wanted to work for the human-demon relations because he was a half-demon.

Aiden knocked excitedly, these were his favorite times of the day.

“Come in,” Shawn said. Aiden came into the office with his tail wagging.

“I got the ramen ” He smiled closing the door.

“Good job. How was your day little one?” Shawn asked getting up from his desk and sitting on a couch he had to the far right of his office. He tapped a spot next to him. Aiden’s tail wagged excitedly.

“It was pretty cool. Ian gave me a list of things to do and I did all of them. I entered a shit ton of info into the computer. Began an office newsletter, and filed papers.” Aiden smiled as he sat next to his brother and placed a bag on the table. He placed a stack of papers on a sitting chair next to the couch.

“These are for you as well, I wanted to bring them earlier but word around the office was that you had a lot on your plate today. Don’t worry, there’s nothing for today,”

“That’s exceptional Aiden. I am so proud of you. I would have made time to see you, little brother, in addition, it would have been a pleasant surprise to see you,” Shawn patted Aiden on the head, causing the younger one to blush. He pulled out a bowl and chopsticks and handed them to his brother.

The two of them came from the same pack. Shawn was the leader of their pack and Aiden was his mate.

“You know, Ian says I should be more responsible…” Aiden’s ears flattened while he broke his chopsticks and began eating.

“You are still young,” Shawn said, eating his ramen as well.

“Still…how was your day?”

“My day was nothing special. Jacky was such a nuisance. He wouldn’t be silent. I should kill him.” Shawn gracefully ate his noodles, not even spilling a drop.

“Jacky isn’t so bad. He’s annoying but really funny,” Aiden laughed.

“Hn” Shawn finished his noodles and drank the broth silently.

When they finished eating, Shawn leaned back on the couch. Aiden leaned on him, nuzzling himself on Shawn’s chest. After a while, Shawn licked Aiden’s ear.

“Stop that,” Aiden whined trying to pull away.

“No,” Shawn whispered and held Aiden flush against him. He kissed and licked the back of his neck. Aiden let out a small moan as he felt Shawn’s growing member.

“Aiden…” Shawn let out a low growl.
“Yes?” Aiden panted as Shawn planted another kiss on his neck.

“Did you miss me?” Shawn planted another kiss on the side of Aiden’s neck.

“Yes,” a blush spread across Aiden’s face.

“How much did you miss me?” Shawn licked on what appeared to be a scar on Aiden’s neck. It was his mating mark, which Shawn had planted on Aiden hundreds of years ago. Aiden’s ears flattened.

“I missed you a lot…you bastard…don’t you have work?” Aiden tried to squirm away, he didn’t like doing things in Shawn’s office. Shawn lifted Aiden off his lap and back down to pin him on the couch. He hovered over Aiden and nipped at his ear.

“I am allowed a break, no?” Shawn smirked before leaning down to kiss Aiden. He hesitated at first but soon submitted to his elder. Shawn dove his tongue into Aiden’s mouth. Aiden’s hands were pinned above his head while Shawn kissed him deeply. Their tongues danced and Aiden could feel himself getting hard.

Shawn sat up, making Aiden whimper in protest.

“Maybe you’re right Aiden, I do have work I need to attend to,” Shawn said cooly running his hands through his long silver hair and sitting up.

“No, come on…don’t be that way you asshole,” Aiden pouted. Shawn looked down slyly then sat back on the couch.

“Come here,” Shawn commanded as Aiden climbed on top of him. Shawn slapped his ass hard.

“I’ve told you many times not to use language like that. You know I do not like it nor do I like repeating myself.” Shawn said.

“You probably like it deep down inside you fucker,” Aiden initiated the kiss this time as Shawn growled and slapped him again firmly. Aiden’s tail wagged furiously and he ground against Shawn.

Shawn grasped Aiden’s hips and brought him up and down onto his hardness. He could feel Aiden getting harder as well. Shawn broke the kiss and brought one of his fingers to Aiden’s mouth. Aiden hesitated but took the finger obediently in his mouth. He licked and sucked, getting more turned on as he anticipated what was coming next. Shawn withdrew his finger and let his hand travel into Aiden’s pants. Aiden kissed him again as Shawn probed his entrance. He slid a finger inside drawing a moan from the pup. Aiden started to move until he could feel Shawn brush against his spot. He moaned into Shawn’s mouth as he was fingered.

Soon enough, Shawn slid a second and eventually a third finger inside. He had Aiden panting and arching to feel more of his fingers inside. ‘Such a beautiful sight’ Shawn thought to himself as he removed his fingers. Aiden growled in defiance and Shawn responded by nipping one of Aiden’s puppy ears.

“Turn around,” he said lifting Aiden off of his lap. Aiden pulled his pants down and turned to face the wall. He held onto the couch as Shawn stood up to lower his pants. Shawn pressed the tip of his weeping member to Aiden’s entrance. He spread Aiden’s legs a little wider and began to push inside. Aiden cried out softly as he could feel the full length of his alpha fill him.

“Shawn…,” Aiden growled. He hated when Shawn went slow. The older of the two chuckled but kept at the slower pace. Aiden was always over eager. When he fully sheathed himself into Aiden’s tight body, the younger cried out but his cries turned to moans as Shawn slammed against his prostate.

“Oh god, yes!” Aiden loudly whispered.

“There is no need to whisper, these walls are thick. Besides, I like hearing you,” Shawn rested his knees on the couch and held onto Aiden’s hips with one hand and reached around to stroke Aiden’s dick with the other. He thrust into him, picking up speed as Aiden’s whimpers filled the room.

This was his favorite time of the day.

His brother knew just how to please him after a long day’s work. Aiden loved being thrust into while being jacked off at the same time: it felt amazing. Shawn leaned in to kiss him and without warning, picked up the pace.

“Shawn…” Aiden cried out when he couldn’t take it anymore. He turned back around to face the couch and arched his back, letting Shawn in deeper. Shawn loved when that sarcastic mouth cried out his name.

“Does it feel good?” he whispered against his ear.

“Yes yes…please don’t stop Shawn…” Aiden moaned.

“As you wish little one,” Shawn said thrusting deeper and stroking Aiden faster.

“Shawn…stop…I’m about to cum…” Aiden cried out.

“You may come,” Shawn could feel himself about to release as well.

“But the couch…” this was the third couch that Shawn had bought due to their sexcapades in the office.

“It is of little concern, you may come” Shawn repeated licking the back of Aiden’s neck, drawing a moan from the concerned pup. Aiden cried out and spilled his seed onto Shawn’s hand as well as the defenseless couch. Soon after, Shawn growled and bit into Aiden’s neck as he filled him with his warm seed.

Aiden was panting as Shawn dismounted.

He went to clean up his mess and looked up in time to see Shawn licking his essence off of his fingers. Aiden blushed. Shawn always looked flawless, even after sex.

After they adjusted themselves, Shawn sat back down and extended his legs on the couch. Aiden took the opportunity to sit between his brother’s legs. He grabbed a book out of his bag and snuggled close. Although Shawn had a lot of work, he always made time for him. Shawn reached over to a coffee table to pick up a packet of reports. Shawn used Aiden’s head as a table and began reading while Aiden read a book about dragons and adventure.

Soon, Aiden’s light snores filled the room as Shawn kept reading. Shawn lifted Aiden off of his lap and laid him back on the couch. Aiden instinctively curled up in a ball. Shawn walked over to his closet and pulled out a blanket he kept specifically for these nights. Shawn placed it over his beta before cleaning their mess and returning to his desk for a long night of work. It was 9:30 pm when Shawn looked at the clock.

After another two hours, Shawn began packing his things. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Shawn looked over at his pup. Luckily he was a heavy sleeper. A tall man with flowing black hair stepped into the office.

“Shawn, you blew me off for lunch. How unbecoming of you,” Nathan said walking toward Shawn’s desk.

“Don’t be so offended, you know as well as I how much work I have to finish before the end of this week,” Shawn had not yet looked up at him. Nathan took a seat and glanced over to where Aiden was curled up.

“How sweet,” he mocked causing Shawn to look up.


“You know Shawn, maybe it was better when you hated him. Now you’ve gained a liability. And to think, you were freed of those servants and you subject yourself to another hindrance,” Nathan smiled but his smile was quickly replaced with a wince of pain as an energy whip lashed across his face. He hadn’t expected that.

“You overstep. Do not speak of such things in my presence. Now, what is it that you want,” Shawn growled.

It took Nathan a minute to collect himself. The mark Shawn had left had healed after a few moments. He glared but then smirked.

“I just wanted to discuss some business with you,”

“I want no part of your drug scheme Nathan,” Shawn locked eyes with the demon.

“Surely there can be something that can convince you? Your ability to get things done can be useful to me. Think of the profit. Humans are such escapists. They crave anything that will take their minds away from their meaningless lives. They’re easy to make money from,”

“The answer is no. I am not interested and that is the end of this matter,”

Nathan looked over at Aiden and smiled. If looks could kill, Nathan would be 6 feet under.

“You will not discuss this matter with Aiden. I will kill you if you do. You are only alive because you have ceased your pursuit, but I will not hesitate to end your meaningless life if you attempt to get him involved,”

Nathan lifted an eyebrow. This was certainly interesting. He stood up.

“Alright, Shawn. Whatever you say,” he turned to leave the office but not before giving the peacefully sleeping Aiden one last glance. Shawn was up and slamming Nathan against the door in a matter of seconds.

“How much is your life worth, lowly spider?” Shawn growled. He released Nathan who promptly left the office. Shawn sighed and went to sit next to Aiden. He took hold of one of his puppy ears and rubbed it gently between his fingers. No one would hurt his precious pup. He stirred in his sleep.

“Shawn?” Aiden yawned and rubbed his eyes. He looked up at him.

“Wake up Aiden, let’s go home,” he said helping his half-awake brother up off the couch.

About the Author:
Plumeria is a college-educated Creator of Fiction! Maker of Worlds! She is the Dreamer! Here is a link to support the career of this author, and to stay abreast of her latest creation.