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A dream
Im on your bed waiting for you. I’m in long sleeved cropped sweater, high rise thong, and thigh high socks. All black (of course). I’m waiting for you to get home and punish me. At least that’s what I think you’re going to do. You seemed pretty mad at me earlier. You had called telling me to stop doing my chores around the house and get naked and wait for you on the bed. Its not what you said…but how you said it. You sounded pissed. And here I am waiting four hours later…. Still waiting. I yawn. My eyes begin to close….

The bedroom door slams, and I jump up, suddenly wide awake. “What did I tell you to do?” You ask me, sounding even more upset than before.

“To wait for you in bed-” I start.
“Naked!” You cut me off. “You can never just listen can you?” I mess with my socks, avoiding eye contact wit you.
“I was cold” I whisper. You walk over to me and take off your belt and softly brush it against my face.
“Kiss it.” You order. I immediately kiss your belt, looking up at you as I do so. You pull me up from the bed using a fistful of my curly hair. I moan in pain. “Take it off.” You whisper in my ear. I nod and begin to take it off, my hands shaking in fear. “Now slut!” You scream. I bite my bottom lip. I love being called that. You decide to take matters into your own hands and decide to undress me yourself, practically ripping my thong off. Now all I have are my socks.

You stare at me. Taking in my tall slim body. “I’m sorry daddy.” I stare at the floor.
“You disobeyed me.” You say disappointedly. And that’s when I put the species together. Its not about me wearing clothes without permission…. This is bigger than that. fuck “Why did you post that picture? I thought I made it very clear that was against the rules” I’m about to speak when you hold your hand up to silence me. “Obviously I didn’t make it clear enough little girl, bend over now!” You order. I bend over the edge of the bed bracing myself for your hand. I shriek in pain when I feel the belt lash against my ass. Over and over again. I cry and scream, hating the moisture I’m feeling between my legs. Suddenly the pain stops, and I feel two fingers pushing into my tight entrance. I arch my back and moan, pleasantly surprised.

“Thank you sir.” I say in between moans. I’m close my climax when you slide your fingers out of my wet pussy and push me onto the bed. You crawl on as well. I’m excited now, thinking about how nice your dick would feel right now. Instead you flip me onto my back. I scream from the pressure on my sore ass. You’re off the bed now. You drag me by my hair until my head is hanging off the edge of the bed. I’m crying again.

“Do you need your pacifier right now little girl?” You smile down at me as you pull out your dick and shove it into my mouth. Fucking my throat. You don’t pull it out until you cum all over my face. You get up and bring back a tissue to clean up my face. You don’t get all of it though, you take off only enough so that I can see clearly. “Don’t move. I have some emails to respond to, and when I’m done, I’ll finish you.” And with that, you leave and gently close the door behind you.

by Mariposalinda