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I wake up to an annoying buzzing sound. I groan and blindly reach for my phone to turn my ringer off. The noise isn’t coming from my phone, but one of yours. You’re right next to me, sitting up in the bed, wide awake on your tablet. “Sir,” I groan again. “Please turn that off, it’s annoying.” You ignore me as both of your phones continue ringing. I try to reach over to shut them off, but you catch my wrist. I wince in pain. “You’re hurting me sir.” You squeeze my wrist a little harder before finally letting go and resume whatever you’re doing on your tablet. “Stop ignoring me.” I complain. I’m starting to really get irritated now. I reach for your dick and once again, you grab my wrist before it can get there. I move myself closer to you and straddle your lap. “Stop ignoring me.” I say a little lower as I slowly grind on your cock. I look up at you, still tapping away at your tablet, seeming completely unaffected. But after a few minutes of this, I being to feel your hard cock pressing on to me. You take a deep breath and then gently shove me off of you. I glare at you. “Fine, have it your way” I say as I get out of bed and walk into the bathroom. I slam the door as hard as I can, then I turn on the hot water as I prepare to take a shower. I’m just rinsing off the soap when the shower door bursts open. You don’t look too happy.

You stand there completely naked before me. You’re looking me up and down, mainly focusing on my breasts and pussy. Based of that look you’re giving me…i have a feeling we’re about to have some great sex. You step inside of the shower, the hot water hitting your back as you get closer and closer to me. Your hand reaches out and cups my breast while the other slips two fingers inside of me. I lean my head back against the wall and moan in pleasure. “You want my attention?” You ask seductively as u pump ur fingers in and out of me. I’m about to say yes when you move the other hand from my breast to my throat. I struggle to breathe as you continue to finger me faster and harder. “I said, do you want my attention slut?!” You demand. You’re choking me harder now, but I don’t mind because your fingers feel so fucking good. I roll my eyes to the back of my head as I begin to cum all over your fingers. For a moment it’s as if nothing else matters. I don’t need to breathe, my mind is elsewhere as this powerful orgasm crashes over me. But when it’s over I snap back to reality. I’m suffocating. My hands claw at my throat, desperately trying to pull your hand off, but to no avail . You keep fingering me and choking me harder. My vision goes dark.

by Mariposalinda