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You lay me on the bed, taking off everything I’m wearing down to my socks. You stare at me and admire my body, and for a second I see the old you. U glance away and go to the bathroom, and I know the moment is gone. I sit up rubbing my wrists, I’d forgotten how strong u were. You come back and turn me over, smacking my ass. “Who told you to move?”, you whisper in my ear, now rubbing my ass. You squeeze it gently, and i moan from the mixture of pain and pleasure it brings.
Your fingers are inside of me again, and this time i cum almost instantly. Then you stand up and go into the closet, bringing out some rope-only God knows where you got that from- and you tie me to the bed. When you’re done, you crawl beside me. It’s like you’re daring me to disobey you so i can get punished. I hear buzzing, it’s your phone ringing. I know he’s not going to answer that while this is happening, I thought to myself. You stand and go through my underwear drawer and stuff it into my mouth. You smile as you answer the phone. “Hello? Oh yeah, this is a great time, whats up?” you wink at me. You then start to rub my breast as you discuss weekend plans with your buddy. Your hands are all over me now, rubbing and smacking, and I cant make a single sound. Finally you start rubbing my clit, making my eyes roll back. Now you’re talking about basketball, and i realize how bad i want to smack you. But it feels so good. I cum over and over again while you’re talking, you’re eyes never leave me.
You finally hang up and take the panties out of my mouth. I hurl insults at you for humiliating me like that. You ignore me as you pull your pants down showing off your hard throbbing dick. I’m so ready for you right now, but I’m so mad. I try to close my legs, but the rope keeps them spread. I’m helpless. You rub your dick against my clit, teasing me. “Tell me what you want slut.”, you demand. I try to look in another direction, trying to ignore my wetness and thirst for you. You pinch my nipples then grab my chin forcing me to look at you. “Tell me what you want.”, you repeat.
“I want your dick daddy.” , I say. I cant even think straight at this point. All I want….all I need….is you inside of me.
You laugh and draw back, “No.” Now I’m sad. I feel myself on the verge of a temper tantrum. “Beg.”,you say. I don’t want to beg you. I can get dick anywhere. So many guys want me. But there something about you. There’s something about about you denying me such a basic necessity, I just feel like I have to have what I cant have.
“Please?”, I whimper. “Please fuck me daddy? I’m your slut and i just want you to use me sir.” Suddenly you plunge into me. I feel whole again. You fuck me so hard it actually hurts, but in the best kind of way. I’m moaning and cumming around your dick over and over again. I wish I could break free of the bondage and touch you. I feel you tense up. “Please cum inside of me daddy?” I moan. And you do, and i feel myself getting filled with your cum. When you’re done you untie me and stare at me, laying on the bed. I’m truly exhausted.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” , You ask. I nod and lay in your lap as you rub my back. I drift asleep. best day ever.

by Mariposalinda