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Tonight it the night. I finally get to meet you. Take a deep breath, I tell myself. I nod as I inhale and exhale slowly….. Only to be jumping up and down with nervous excitement a few seconds later. Tonight I finally get to meet you, to feel you, to taste you….mmmmm. I shake off the thought, trying to focus on the matter at hand: my hair. It looks awful. But after a good 15 minutes of quick detangling and moisturizing, I have the tight little curls I want. Done. I walk over to my dresser and sift through my bras and undies. (knickers as some call them lol). I decide to go for a nude push up bra and a matching seamless thong. Its a simple look, but it compliments my bronze skin nicely. And after I put them on, I’m back to the mirror again. No make up. Simple. The usual. Could be worse, I think to myself. I throw on a tank top and some shorts, spray on some body mist, and I’m out the door on my way to your room.

I knock on your door once and it opens almost immediately. You’ve been waiting. At first you just stand in the doorway staring at me. I stare back. This is so crazy…. Crazy amazing. It feels like we’re both kind of in shock for a minute….. But then I feel your hand on my waist pulling me inside. This is it I lean in and press my lips against yours. You kiss me back, softly at first…but then it gets more intense. I bite your lip as I kiss you….matching your aggression. I feel you unzipping my denim shorts, and burying your fingers inside of me. I moan against your lips. ” Your mine.” You say as they plunge deeper and deeper inside of me. I push your hand away. At first you look kind of hurt and confused. I push you onto the bed….hard. And then I crawl on top of you seductively. I feel your impressive erection underneath me. I’ve waited so fucking long for this. I get off the bed and kneel in front of you as you sit up. “Please daddy?” You nod and pull out your thick long dick. You stand over me now “Open your mouth baby” I almost melt at the sound of your deep soothing voice…that sexy accent. You put the head barely past my lips. I moan, craving more.

You slowly ease more of it into my mouth. Your so big there’s only so much I can take. Once you fit in as much as you can, you start to fuck my mouth, holding on to my hair. “You’re my slut to use as I please, understand?” You ask as you thrust in deeper. I fight back tears. It hurts so good. I moan as I try not to gag. Then you shove all of it in at once, forcing it down my throat, tapping the back my head as you do so. I feel like I’m about to pass out when suddenly you pull it out completely. I gasp for air. You run your hands Through my hair softly. “Good girl.” Mmm I love it when you call me that. And our of nowhere you grab a fistful of my hair and bend me over the edge of the bed. You grab my ass and give it a nice squeeze and you shove your massive cock inside of me…after months without it….I feel whole again. I moan and scream grabbing fistfuls of the sheets as you take me. “I need it daddy” I say between moans and screams. “Please sir, pleaase use my pussy.” You fuck me even harder. My eyes roll back as I cum all over your cock. You keep fucking me, only to pause to flip me over and get on top of me.

You look down at me while you fuck me. My legs on your shoulders. I can’t stop. Orgasm after glorious orgasm crashes over me. After a while I feel you tense up and I know you’re ready. Ready to cover me in your delicious cum. You groan as u cum all over my stomach, my tits, and even some of my face. You smile down at me as I lick some of it off my lip. “Thank you daddy” I say softly.

” You’re welcome sweetheart” you say as you kiss my forehead

by Mariposalinda