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Exhausted, from working out, he sat, eating ice cream , white towel around his neck, wearing nothing but a tight fitting pair of silk, Vital Omerta, boxer briefs, manhood coiled, bulge so prominent , it ought to be pornograpghic. The weight room, in his 17th floor, downtown LA apartment, had an excellent view of downtown LA, and the surrounding areas. Management made sure , a scoffolding crew, came by every weekend, to wash the highrise windows, but it was too hot for all that, the heavy french curtains, blocked any view of downtown LA. The room, was rather dark, he needed to cool off, but the light blared from the computer screen, as it sat on top of, a mahogany desk. Finally cooling off enough, his body, letting him regain his composure, having worked out, now he’s horny. Somewhere, there’s a hot chick, on a dating site. He logs into his favorite, lots of messages, but he’s not interested in that, “What’s fresh,” “What’s on here now,” his eyes scurry over the screen. A message!, pops into his inbox, it’s from user Rosyboo. Rosyboo, Rosyboo, he data mines his mind, to recall if they have ever met before. He draws a blank, never mind, as they engage in Friendly banter, that becomes more intense. A phone number comes across the screen. An invitee, to something more. But he wasn’t impressed, he’s never impressed, cause he wants something more. He laughs to himself, and begins to frantically type away at the screen. He types “I’M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR NUMBER. GET BUTT ASS NAKED, AND WRITE SLUT ACROSS YOUR STOMACHE, AND SLUT ACROSS YOUR ASS, TAKE PICTURES AS PROOF, AND EMAIL THEM TO ME, bonnieandclyde.cb@gmail.com, of KIK THEM, USERNAME clyde_seeking_bonnie. AFTER YOU DO THAT, THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT PHONE NUMBERS.” He read the familiar message 1 more time, before pressing send, spelling and everything was in order, he let his finger send the message across cyberspace. He knew not her response, as he waited. All he knew, it would be 1 of the 3 usual.

Excerpts from “A Man Like Him”
by Cn
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