The gods played a cruel joke on you, giving you the body and looks of a demigod + the mind of a scholar and philosopher (an instant “panty dropper”) only for you to disappoint women all over, time and again with a worthless penis that can barely sputter clear cummy on my stomach. So we laugh and laugh at you, until tears stream down our faces over our disappointed, pouty lips..but this Goddess has had the last laugh.

Last night, I fell into another dimension of this galaxy called cuckold…I literally felt gravity loosen its grip on me, causing me unbalance and I lose all control. Fall, falling, fallen from high above the clouds, my reality, my perception, mere existence – instantly changed! Viewing myself from 3rd person, looking into my Mortal’s eyes, I forget all about his tiny, prepubescent dick. They’re shimmering green, flashing with excitement and I realize our connection has caused you to feel the ground move from under your lowly feet ever so slightly, vibrating you down the rabbit hole to this new undiscovered world. As the massive man cock rams into my tight slick pussy lips, I begin to melt within your eyes and you became one. His cock, your cock…didn’t matter, I felt YOU…what you would feel like if you had a normal sized dick. As he rocks me, gripping my ass in each hand, tearing my walls with every thrust, with his veiny, thick Anaconda dick, I stare into your eyes and bite my lip as a scream of pure ecstasy escaped from deep within my belly and out my throat. To see you in the corner, stroking your itty bitty dicklette in rhythm to his pummeling of my pussy, was pure bliss, turning me on even more, juices pouring out and I wet the bed over and over again. His groans, as my pussy tightens around his fullness…become your groans, as you remember how it felt when she did the same to your little “person”, as you are now one. I no longer thought of how useless and pathetic your dick is, (you see, you’ve already came, prematurely as you always do and is expected of you) the only thing about you that no longer causes me any satisfaction…my only thought as he shoots his thick white cum deep (yes, deep inside me where I feel every pump unload against my walls), is ‘now I get to cool off my fat rabbit’, swollen and finally satisfied by a REAL man cOcK!