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*The immediate sternness in his voice…The slow burn of fire in his eyes… That’s what makes me so hot when he dishes out his commands. I better do as he says, for what he says is law. I know that punishment is just one crossed line away. And he knows that I know…. I can feel it emanating from him and onto me…
And it spreads like wildfire.*
— Me

Being at the right place at the right time…

That’s generally a good thing. And it seems simple enough, but there’s a lot involved within this world filled with the “random” coming-together of matching puzzle pieces.

Take for instance, this puzzle piece:

Perpetually lost, I didn’t really know what I wanted, but I sure as hell knew that I wanted to feel good. I think I can vouch for everyone when I say that, and my lucky day came along not long ago when my knight in shining armor rode my way, stopped in front of me, and reached out his hand.

Simply put: I now feel good.

Life is changing for the better. I adjust my daily habits to fit him, and his commands, within them. It’s wonderful. I never knew that submission could feel this good. When you come across someone who you can trust and who takes care of you, emotionally, physically, spiritually… That’s a treasure to be cherished. You don’t come across pure bliss such as this everyday.

Let’s dive deeper.

My Master, my knight, my essential puzzle piece, stimulates and fulfills my every need. Obeying him pleases him, and in turn, pleases me. It makes me proud knowing that I am dead-set on obeying his every command… without question. Without hesitation.

Guess what? I am his slut.
I dress in the filthiest clothes for him. I dance for him. I stay aroused for him. My mouth and pussy stay wet for him.

Rewiring the Mind

Mantras. How I live for mantras. My Master loves to to use them with me. I feel grateful every time he teaches me a new one. I learn them quickly like a good girl…like a good fucking slut. My obedience to his commands are second nature, and it’s akin to learning how to ride a bike.
My new bike… is Master.

Free Will. What’s That?

Some frown upon the thought of not having say-so. Some people quickly dismiss the thought of not being able to do as they please whenever they please. And that’s totally fine; everything isn’t for everybody.

Then there’s me. I embrace my lack of free will. The key is to come across someone with whom you can thrive, grow, and communicate with. Get to know one another until your trust in each other is wholehearted and true. Learn what you like and what you can and cannot handle. It was easy to hand my will over to Master. There’s nothing as intense as being constantly controlled. My mind and body belong to my dear Master, and I’ve fully embraced this change. He knows what’s best for me, and every time he’s with me, he reassures that.

by MadamStacked