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Note: This story is about a ddlg relationship between two consenting adults. It is also non-sexual.

Amber woke up to David patting her arm gently. Amber was sleeping in an adult sized crib. It was at hip level and the side of it slide down so that once it was unlocked, it was easy to get in and out of it.

“Wake up sweet pea,” he said softly. Amber looked around. It took her a moment to remember where she was. She looked up at David.

“Good morning…daddy,” she yawned as she sat up. He smiled pet her head before helping her sit up. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and suddenly felt embarrassed. The reality of her being in someone’s house wearing a diaper laying in a crib hit her at once and she covered her face.

“Are you okay? Did you have an accident?” he asked. She shook her head furiously and remembered what she told herself last night. She’d give it her best effort. She took a deep breath and uncovered her face.

“I’m…I’m hungry,” she said. Mr. Robinson chuckled and petted her head.

“You’re such a nice girl. I know this is challenging, and I’ll never push you okay?”

She looked up and nodded.

“Okay, thank you…I am hungry though,” she said perking up a bit.

“Alright, we’ll eat, change you into something nice and we can play whatever you want. I don’t have to work today,” he said picking her up. He propped her on his hip and took her out of the nursery and downstairs. He put her in the highchair.

“Do you want milk or juice sweetie?” he asked getting a bottle out of the fridge.

“Milk,” she said tapping her hands on the tray. Daddy filled her bottle with milk and handed it to her. He went to fix the rest of their breakfast.

She drank from her bottle and watched daddy cook. Her heartbeat a little fast. She wasn’t sure if it was the thought of someone seeing her or the taboo of it all. But something about being vulnerable for this man cooking breakfast for her made her feel a warm fuzzy feeling. She giggled to herself. Daddy turned around and smiled at him.

“Are you having fun sweetheart?”

“Yes daddy,” she blushed before drinking her bottle. Daddy gave her a little plate with grapes, scrambled eggs and a little pancake.

“It’s so little and cute,” she said.

“Just like you,” daddy pinched her cheek making Amber giggle. She ate the the grapes and daddy fed her the eggs, making cute noises and praising her for being a good eater. By the time they finish eating, Amber was squirming.

“Does someone have to go potty?” daddy asked. Amber nodded.

“It’s okay to use your diaper sweety,” he said as he started to clean up. He washed the dishes and glanced back before concentrating on the dishes. She hid her face in her hands and relieved herself in the diaper. She could feel the weight of the diaper and checked to make sure there weren’t any leaks. She made a small noise and daddy came over to help her out of the high chair. Be picked her up and rubbed her back as he went upstairs to the nursery.

“It’s alright. There’s a good little girl. I’m so proud of you for using your diaper,” he cooed. She clung to him until they got to the nursery. He laid her down and changed her diaper, praising her for being good and brave for daddy. When he taped up her diaper they picked out something pretty to wear. She settled on a blue tutu that matched her onesie. After she was dressed, Amber sat on the floor to play with some toys. Daddy sat with her and handed her the occasional block. She built a little tower and smiled to herself. She lost herself in her play and when she looked up, she caught daddy watching her fondly. She blushed a little.

“Sorry…” she said biting her lip.

“Don’t feel embarrassed sweetie. It’s good to play. Do you wanna play outside now?” he asked. She nodded and smiled.

“Yes please,” she said getting up. Daddy took hold of her hand and they went together. Amber waddled next to him due to the thick diaper. When they went outside, Amber went to the sandbox first. She took off her socks and enjoyed the feel of her feet in the sand. It seemed to be filled with he kinetic kind so she had an easy time building things. She picked up a bucket and filled it with sand. She built a little castle and decorated it with little shells.

“Isn’t it pretty?” she said when she was done. She looked back excitedly but daddy wasn’t behind her. She felt a weird sense of disappointment but when she heard a chuckling, she looked to her other side where daddy was seated a ways off from the box. She blushed.

“I do see. It’s very pretty. You did a very good job sweetie,” he said. When she was bored, she waddled over to the play set. Daddy followed and helped her climb up onto the slide. It was a bit bigger for the ones made for children but it wasn’t too high. She slid down and daddy praised her for going ‘all by herself’.

She played for awhile outside until Amber said she was hungry. She had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while daddy had a cup of coffee.

Daddy had her take a nap afterwards and she layed on a blanket in the living room floor with her pacifier and a stuffie. Daddy rubbed her back until she fell asleep. He sat there for a minute before a somber look crossed his features. He placed a little monitor near her and headed to his office.


David locked the door and sat at his desk. He pulled out a little picture from his desk drawer. It was him in his younger days hugging his child and smiling. He stared at the photo for sometime before he sighed and put it away. He rested his head on his hands. It felt heavy.

“Daddy?…” he heard from the other side of the monitor. He shook his head from the thoughts and went back downstairs.


Daddy walked over and sat next to Amber as she sat up and yawned.

“Did you have a good nap?” he cooed. She nodded and reached up to him. He scooped her up gently but eagerly. He sat on the couch and held her tight. She laid on his chest and clung onto him. They sat like that for sometime before Amber asked if they could watch cartoons. They watched sesame street while she played on the floor.

Amber’s stomach made a concerning sound.

She looked at daddy. Daddy looked at her. They started at each other until Amber’s stomach gurgled again.

“I’d like to have some adult time right now please,” she mumbled.

“If you wish love,” he said. Amber jumped up and ran off.

She came back some minutes later wearing some shorts. She sat on the couch next to him. They were quiet for some time.

“Are you-”

“I just couldn’t do it!” Amber interrupted.

He laughed.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. Whenever you need to go you just let me know.” he said patting her back. “It’s okay if you need a timeout. Don’t feel bad,” he said.

She nodded quietly.

“Would you like me to diaper you again?” he asked gently. She was quiet for a bit then nodded. Daddy looked at his watch.

“How about a bubble bath, then dinner, then bedtime.” he said.

“Okay,” she said and daddy picked her up. He ran her a bubble bath. And gave her lots of toys to play with.

“Amber, you don’t have to worry. We are going at your pace. I’d like you to try to relax and remember that as your caregiver, I want you to rely on me. Can you do that” he said scrubbing her back.

“I’ll try. I want to…it’s a little difficult because this is so different,” she said.

“Alright hun,” he said. When he finished helping her washed, he dried her with a big fluffy towel. He diapered her and put her in some pjs.

“Thank you daddy. The bath was fun,” Amber said. Daddy kissed her forehead.

“That’s good little one. Are you ready to eat now?”

“Yes,” she smiled. They went down for dinner and daddy made her another cute plate and spoon fed her.

At bedtime, he read her “Three Billy Goats Gruff” and tickled her a little when he finished. She laughed and giggled before hugging him.

“Night daddy…I had a lot of fun today. You’re a good daddy,” she said into his shoulder. Daddy smiled.

“That’s good princess. Let’s have lots of fun tomorrow okay?” he kissed the top of her head.

After Amber was sleeping soundly, David went to bed with a small smile on his face.

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